Pet on Bed “Our Story”

Sarah Robert

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to check us out. I am, Sarah Robert and a happy mother to two grown kids and your new favorite vet. Working with animals has been a childhood dream for me, and having grown up in a ranch I had the opportunity to bond with these beautiful creatures. Though in the later years, I moved out to the city, what I began in the ranch stuck with me through college and made me a professional vet for over a decade now.

My family is a home to pet lovers. My husband Jimmy, is very supportive and an expert with eight years under his belt working for several dog product companies as an engineer. Together we decided to create this outlet to assist fellow pet parents like us. Oh, I forgot to tell you!

My home is currently a home for two of our Labradors, Rocky and Bella, as well as our guinea pig. Jimmy and Abbey, my first daughter, has always loved fishes which led to the installation of our very own Aquarium a few years ago. It’s lovely!

So, I have always had a passion for researching things that catch my interest. And seeing my highest obsession aside from redecorating every once in a while, is how to improve pet life, I spend loads of my time checking out new products and other pet-related information. Combining that with my experience in the field as a pet parent and a vet, alongside that of my husband, there is all this useful information I can share with folks like me to help lead a better life for our favorite furry companions.

Pet On Bed is a gift from Jimmy and I to provide our fellow pet parents or potential pet parents with all the useful tips, news, insights on products, and more that they will ever need to enjoy a healthy pet.

Why Us


If you were sitting in your sitting room or at a cafe and surfing through the net for the best pet food to get for your furry friend, you most likely would face what we pet parents always face — so many information out there with no idea which is indeed the best or true.

I have found out that even some of the reviews have biases, mostly when the curator is being paid by some of these product owners to market their products indirectly. You might decide to take what you get and weigh it with any review you find in credible platforms like, Amazon, but that takes time too!

As a veterinarian and a pet breeder, I have a good idea of what works and have tested most of the products on this website to evaluate their performance. Pet food manufacturers love to send out samples of their product to pet owners to assess in actual conditions. And me being someone who loves to leverage this free opportunity to find out if the next package is what we can hope for, I am always willing to accept their offer and review based solely on my findings.

So, on Pet On Bed, if you are ever stuck or wondering what is best for your canine product-wise, you can check my reviews! There are also affiliate links to some of these products to help make the process easier. Why I review pet products on this platform, Pet On Bed does more than this as its core goal is to provide valuable and factual aid to all pet parents.

If you are looking for a site where you can learn how to teach your canine some new tricks, harks to make training your pet easier, and other beneficial tips, Pet On Bed is the right place for you. Here you will be getting regular news updates regarding various pets, tips on how to improve their lives, and a chance to directly message me about any of your furry companions to receive expert advice.