2020 Best Cats Flea Collar and Ultimate Buying Guide

Cats Flea Collar

Cats flea collar is a vital accessory to include in your feline care kit. This seemingly normal neckband help repel or kill fleas when they come too close to your lovely kitten. As the warmer season comes closer, pulex (fleas) activities increase and so does mosquitos, ticks and other parasites.

Without one of this flea necklace to ward off these freeloaders, your beautiful puss falls under the risk of being injected with pathogens which can hamper their wellbeing.

Getting a collar for your cats is pretty easy. However, there are so many out there that are either less effective or built with harmful ingredients. Also, pulex chokers come in various sizes and suitable for specific ages. As if that isn’t enough, there is the application method too. Some collars work as a point-on treatment, which means, they only exude enough gas to kill and repel pulex close to the area of the neckband. While others are absorption-based, which entails that they release natural oils which spread across your felines frame, entering into the fat layer of their skin to kill any parasite that perches.

Considering all these alongside the plethora of collars available, selecting the right one can be a handful for any pet parent. To help you streamline your selection, we have taking our time to select the best flea neckband for any pet parent carefully, and have also disclosed the right steps to take to figure out which is absolutely best for your kitten!

Overview of Top two Flea Choker

Bayer Seresto
Our Choice

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cat

Quality: 10 | Usability: 8 | Safety: 10

Bayer Seresto pulex band isn’t just for flea but also other parasites like ticks and their larvae. Being waterproof, it increases your feline’s wear time outside, inside, and in all weathers. This necklace is recommended by vets, making it the best choice for any of your kitty up to size 15 and at least 10 weeks old.

KEXMY Cat Tick and Flea Collar
Best Overall

KEXMY Cat Tick and Flea Collar

Quality: 10 | Usability: 8 | Safety: 7

Kexmy Cat Neckband is a fine craft from the manufacturing house of KEXMY. This product is crafted with durable materials and 100% natural ingredients. The oils used in creating the treatment choker include clove, lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus. These natural oils make them more friendly and less likely to cause allergic reactions in your feline.

Comparison Table Of The Best Flea Collar For Cats 2020


To ensure we end up picking out the best out of loads of pulex necklace out there, we have set some crucial criteria to help you get the very best. These determinants include the duration of the repelling ability of the neckband, its resistance to change in weather, the number of parasites it can handle; if it causes allergy or not, and much more. Using these essential standards have allowed us to effectively narrow down the countless list to secure the top three flea chokers to purchase for your kitty based on the age differences. Below is our ranking table:

Review of The Three Best Flea Collar for Your Cats 2020

Seresto Flea Collar Our Choice9.3High price8×××15"10 weeks old10810
KEXMY Cat Flea Collar Best Overall8.7Average price8×any10 weeks old1087

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cat

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Cat
10 weeks old
9.3 - ratingHigh Our Choice

Working perfectly for both short hair, long-haired and thick haired felines, in various environment, and offering indoor and outdoor protection for over 8 months, the Bayer Seresto Neckband exceeds our marks to sit as Our Choice product for pulex and ticks.

Stepping out of the stable of Bayer is the vet recommended Bayer Seresto Pulex and Tick neckband. This necklace is made of durable materials and the combination of imidacloprid and flumethrin. Both chemicals work together to kill and repel ticks and fleas. The chemical compounds will spread all through your kitty skin and coat shielding it from attack for up to eight months. When slipped on, pulex and ticks who try to take residence on your puss are eliminated without needing to bite them.

The Bayer Seresto offers kittens the ability to go out whenever they want with their favorite collar on. Using water resistant material, felines can remain entertained and protected under rainy condition. This choker is matched with a reflective ratchet-release mechanism and a predetermined release point. With these, your feline can easily break free from the collar when it gets stuck to avoid strangulation. Also, when out, it will be easier for you to spot them.

Experience with product

Bayer Seresto is very effective in killing pulex and ticks. When placed around the neck of a kitty already afflicted by a parasite, within 24 hours of wearing, it totally eliminates these troublesome visitors. Hence, no more scratches or tough time for your kitten. The neckband proceeds to eradicate plus repel any tick or pulex desiring to perch on your furry pet. Despite how effective and safe the product is, a few pet owners have witnessed hair loss, head tremor, or sores due to advancement in age or body condition of their puss. This experience usually come to light within the first three days of adorning your cat.

What works for one individual might not work for another. To be safe, watch your feline for a week or two to see if there are reasons for concern. Some pet parents resort to the use of tapes around the collar on the part that touches the skin to reduce its effect. However, for pet owners whose kitty is tolerant to the neckband, the slow release of the compound around your feline’s body allows the necklace to last as long as eight months, which matches the claims of the company while delivering excellent parasite elimination care.

Bayer Seresto doesn’t smell or pill and doesn’t require much from you to have it working. Bringing it out of its packaging, it is entirely neat and non-greasy.

Key feature

  • Reflective clips
  • Ratchet-release mechanism and predetermined release point
  • Water resistant
  • Eight months treatment period
  • Non-toxic chemical compounds


  • Easy to use
  • Odorless and neat
  • Fast action
  • Lightweight at 3.2 oz
  • Vet recommended


  • Can cause tremor for some older feline
  • Pricey

KEXMY Cat Tick and Flea Collar

KEXMY Cat Tick and Flea Collar
10 weeks old
8.7 - ratingAverage Best Overall

Kexmy Cat Neckband is a fine craft from the manufacturing house of KEXMY. This product is crafted with durable materials and 100% natural ingredients. The oils used in creating the treatment choker include clove, lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus. These natural oils make them more friendly and less likely to cause allergic reactions in your feline.

KEXMY claims that the choker will be able to eliminate any flea and tick who chose to reside on your kitty within 24 hours of use. The KEXMY neckband can care for your kitten for up to 8 months. Being water resistant, it also allows the feline to enjoy the product indoors and outdoors.

There is a breakaway locking system on this unit, which allows it to snap free when your feline finds him or herself stuck and about to choke.

KEXMY has stated that this flea neckband is free from odor. Those who decide to purchase are guaranteed a full refund if the item doesn’t meet their requirements.

Experience with product

The KEXMY neckband comes in a tin package and premium design. Any feline can slide this on, from kittens to adult puss. The collar spots an adjustable design that makes it easier for you to get the right size for your pet.

When strapped on, this pulex neckband can kill and eradicate both ticks, flea, and their eggs between 24 hours to a few days. The natural ingredients used allows it to cater to your whisked friend for up to eight months. However, the duration might vary. Some pet parents have received the neckband only to discover that it doesn’t work. Instead, it seems to provide a perfect living location for parasites on your pet.

Hence, it is wise to monitor your feline for a few days after purchase to be sure.

Various pet parents who have been opportune to adorn their cat with the choker have not witnessed an allergic reaction yet, thanks to the ingredients used. The breakaway feature works great and allows felines to pull free when desperate to leave. Though the pulex necklace isn’t pungent, it isn’t odorless and comes with a nice fragrance which could be a bit strong at the first stage of use. However, a few purchasers have found it to lessen to a mild sensation in the following days. There are also some pet owners who have found their kitty’s neckband to be easy for the feline to bite or scratch.

Key feature

  • Water resistant
  • Made of %100 natural oil
  • 8 months flea and tick protection
  • Money back guarantee


  • Good for pregnant and feeding felines
  • Kills fleas and ticks quickly
  • Has a breakaway lock system
  • Comes in an all-size-fits-all design


  • Quality can be a problem

Ultimate Buying Guide and Care For Your Feline

Cats Guid

Ways to Identify Pulex on Felines

Flees love the summer time when the temperature is high. However, depending on the climate condition of your location, you might be seeing these uncalled visitors most of the year.

They are insects which feed on the blood of their host. These parasites are between 1/16 to 1/8 inch, meaning they are too tiny, you might miss them when not searching. Hence, it is easy for the situation to turn into a blown out infestation before you can notice to take action.

Though pulex enjoy the solace given to them by the fur and warmth of your feline, they are not choosy on whom they attack, which means you. These parasites don’t fly, having no wings. However, they have long hind legs, which allow them to hop significantly high to be a threat to you and your kitten.

This unwanted visitors are mostly black or near black before feeding. However, the more they feed, the lighter they become. As a pet parent, you might hence, find it a challenge to identify them in your furry ball, mostly when the kitty leaks and grooms out the tell signs of their existence like excretion. Below are the following symptoms that can help you pick up on their activity quickly:

  • Your kitty is restless.
  • Scratches frequently
  • Scratches the same spot repeatedly
  • Licks her hair coat excessively
  • Bites coat excessively

When you notice any of these actions, it is time to examine your feline’s body for possible pulex infestation. Start by checking the tail, underneath the fur for any unwanted visitors, their dirt or eggs. Also, do the same around their head and other parts of their body.

The dirt produced by pulex is the blood digested by them which come out as black spots. When touched they go red and can stain the coat of your furry ball. This can also be a telling sign of their presence within the fur of your kitty and your home.

Pulex infestation is a severe issue as they could replicate themselves rapidly. One female can lay down up to 50 eggs a day, which hatch quickly only to also lay their own eggs. These eggs don’t stick to the fur of your feline. As he or she moves about, they can get into various areas of your home, making resolving the issue difficult.

When you notice that your kitten shows symptoms of Pulex infestation but can’t seem to find them, it is wise also to get a flea comb to run through their fur just to be sure.

How do collars work for cats with fleas

Cat neckbands work differently despite that they are all trying to eradicate pulex on your feline. Some are point-on treatment others are absorption based. There are those who are only there to repel and those who also treat. Below, these differences are explained in details:

  1. Point-on Neckband: these chokers are usually fitted with gases that either kill, repel, or do both to parasites. When adorned on your feline, the necklace will release this gas to kill or repel all fleas close to the range of application. Despite how effective these kind of collars are, they are not all round effective. They can’t get to all parts of your feline’s body. Hence, leaving other parts unprotected and at the risk of more pulex migration.

    Another disadvantage that comes with such collars is the tendency of containing toxic chemicals. Some of these chemicals could be harmless to your kitty but harmful to your dog. Alternatively, it can be toxic to both your feline and any other animal that come in contact with them.

  2. Absorption-based treatment: these are usually substances like natural essential oils attached to your kitten’s neckband. When you fix these necklaces around your furry balls neck, they emit these substances that dissolve and spread across his or her entire body to settle on their fatty layer. When parasites like ticks and flea come around to eat, they are either repelled by the substance or killed.

    Despite how effective these necklaces are, they are usually the most expensive and only purchased by the recommendation of the vet. The substances used by these chokers are more friendly to animals. Hence, making them the most preferred choice.

Based on the method of eradicating parasites, there are two types of collars:

  • Repellant: Repellant Neckbands are mostly a temporary or one-time treatment variety. These set of chokers will release gases or dissolved substances that repel ticks, fleas, and fellow parasites as listed in the product. They are most useful when you don’t have a parasite infestation in your location but are migrating for the day to an inflicted area.
  • Treatment: Neckbands that administer treatment to your feline are those who have active ingredients that kill pest as they come. They mostly last beyond a month or two and deliver care all around your kitten’s body. Often you will find a treatment collar that kills and repels pest at the same time.

Features to Consider

When you are out to shop the right flea collar for your pussy, there are various things you should consider. The following are essential criteria that will streamline your option to the very best:

  • Is it effective?

    You might think it a no brainer. If something isn’t working, it won’t be selling. However, the internet is filled with many dirty tricks. Hence, you can always purchase an item only to find yourself stuck with an ineffective pulex eradicator. To be on the safe side, read the reviews of the product to see if it actually works.

  • Is it safe?

    Knowing how harmful your intended collar is for your puss is essential to their survival. Always check if the chemicals or compounds used are conventional and approved. Normal parasite neckband creators use conventional pesticides to eliminate ticks and flea. However, too much of it or the addition of unapproved elements can lead to adverse effects on your kitten.

    Not only that, but chemical created collar usually have a suitable age target. It is wise also to check if the intended choker has your cat’s age in mind. Using a choker targeted for one-year-old felines can overwhelm your kitten and lead to some allergic reaction.

    While considering the safety of your kitty, you can always go for collars with natural compounds. Neckbands that are created with natural chemicals or oil to combat flea and ticks are usually significantly low in health risk and competent in caring for your feline.

  • How flexible is it?

    Another thing you should check mark in the process of your purchase decision is the adjustment of the neckband. Can it be adjusted? You might believe that a collar that meets the neck size of your feline will fit when received. However, that could be very wrong. Having a one-size-fits-all flea collar can save you the pain and money loss.

  • Safety Mechanism

    If your feline is an outdoor type, surely you won’t always have an eye on him or her to note when they are in trouble with their neckband to administer the assistance required. Hence, it is important to pay attention to the chocker’s lock system. Is it a breakaway collar? Does it have an automatic release feature? If you are not sure but really love to have the neckband you have seen, then go ahead to ask some questions. Purchasers of the collar will gladly inform you.

  • What is its operation method?

    Here you have to ask yourself, what does my kitten need? Does he or she just require a neckband that can repel pest? Is it going to be a point-on thing? Or do I need one that can treat my pussy of flea attacks?

    Knowing what you want will affect your choice. However, it is more beneficial to go for pulex necklace that provides both repelling and killing functions. This way, your feline is safe on all front.

  • What can it protect against?

    It is not only pulex and ticks that can afflict your furry pet. There are also mosquitos, mites, harvest mites, and much more. The larger the amount of pests a kitten necklace protects your pet against the more valuable it is for your outdoor friend. Hence, it is wise to consider this, as well.

    Often you will discover that most pet choker makers only strive as high as protecting your feline from ticks and fleas. However, you can find one offering more protection against mosquitos and other pathogenic pests.

  • Is it a flexible option?

    Your puss will, at one point in his or her life, step outside. When that happens, the kind of neckband they have on will be important. Purchasing an effective pet necklace isn’t enough. You have to ensure that the product can do great indoors and outdoors.

    The best product for you should have waterproof or resistive materials and should be able to withstand different weather condition with ease. Hence, making certain that even under water it will remain as effective.

  • How long does it remain productive?

    It is one thing to have the ideal product to fight the unwanted visitors before they can lay claims to your pet’s fur and health. However, it is another thing to have one that can do just that long enough to keep your kitten safe.

    Always check the duration of the treatment. Some pulex neckband administers care for one to two months. Some promise five to eight but don’t deliver that much. It is good to confirm how long it last by checking out the reviews or asking questions.

Who Needs a Cat Flea Collar

Cat Flea Collar

In short words, all pet owners. Pulex infestation is a nasty business. Some pet reacts against even flea saliva, which is called flea allergy dermatitis. In such conditions, your kitten experience violent reactions. They will have significantly more itching, irritation, and anger. Not bringing a quick and lasting solution could lead to significant loss of hair just from one flea bite.

Your monthly topical treatments like Advantage and pills like Revolution, despite their cost, doesn’t last as much as a pulex neckband. Also, there are felines who don’t do well by them. However, your pet flea collar will provide a lasting solution and would always be around when you are moving into a pulex infested area. Not only that, some flea chokers are so uniquely made that your pet doesn’t even notice their existence around their frame.

The Pros and Cons of Cat Flea Neckband


  • Some come with the ability to protect against pulex and other parasites in all their life cycle.
  • They have a long active period, up to 8 months.
  • Easy to strap on or remove.
  • Some are Reflective to help find your kitten
  • Most are more affordable than monthly spot-on treatment
  • Some cater to a wide range of ectoparasites
  • There are flexible options for indoor and outdoor use


  • Some flea chokers are not safe for a certain age, mostly smaller age.
  • Poor quality neckband could lead to an allergic reaction
  • Some don’t protect the entire body.
  • Not all pet chokers are breakaway.

What Are The Tips You Should Know?

  1. Trusted Brands are the best – you might want to play it cheap by going for the product you have seen is way affordable. That isn’t a safe strategy to deploy. It is best to go with products that are vet recommended because it means they meet the standard or expectation of professionals in the field.
  2. Get the one with the most effective ingredients – While looking for what works, make sure to go for the one that works faster and better. However, while doing that you should also consider the side effects on your cat. Ensure that the one you opt for is both safer to use and offers better protection.
  3. Don’t overuse protection — if your feline is on pills or spot-on monthly care, it is unwise to leave the collar always on. If you must, Instead of doing that, only place the collar on your puss when he or she is on their way out. Remember to remove it when they return. This way, you reduce the risk of overdosing your pet unknowingly with much flea treatment.
  4. Don’t forget your vet! – if your pussy is old, sick, pregnant, a kitten or has a history of seizure, before making a purchase, go and meet your veterinarian to get the right recommendation.
  5. Don’t play smart – if you have both a feline and a canine, it isn’t wise to substitute treatment neckband on both species. One, they are different species, which means the ingredients used and the percentage most likely differ. Doing this can lead to serious health challenges for your kitten.
  6. Ensure it protects your kitty from all the cycle – parasites come in their various life cycle from the eggs to the larva to the main assailant. You don’t want to have either inhabiting the fur of your puss. Check the product to determine if they have taken steps to protect your feline from all the life cycle of the parasite they protect against.
  7. Don’t forget to keep the collar in airtight space – there is a reason the collars mostly come in a sealed tin can. That’s to prevent the treatment from floating into the atmosphere and reducing its medication period. Hence, when your furry pet isn’t wearing the neckband, it is best to store it in an airtight container.
  8. Check the material quality – yes, it is for treatment, but a neckband with inferior materials can loosen from cat pressure when scratching which could leave their legs stuck in it. Hence, check the material used and discover if these materials are known to be tough while bringing comfort. Also, ask previous users to figure out how long theirs lasted and how rough it was used.
  9. Some are age-specific – some of these chokers come with a particular age in mind. Presenting your puss with a neckband made for more matured cats can do more harm than good. Hence, it is good to check. If you can’t find out from the product description, ask other pet owners on the store if it is suitable for your pet. Alternatively, you can shoot the seller an email to verify.
  10. Always watch closely – though the product checks out in the ingredients used and other critical marks, no cat is the same. Hence, what works for most may not work for you, and what doesn’t work for most may work flawlessly for you.
    When you have received your desired collar and have strapped it around your feline, monitor him or her for a few days to quickly identify any adverse reaction. That way, you prevent a worst-case scenario and find other alternatives early.
  11. Ensure the right fit – don’t strangle your cat, know the right fit. Normally, you should ensure that the collar is tight enough not to get in the way of his or her movement or easily slip off. However, it shouldn’t be too close to cause wetness and loss of hair. The ideal tightness is the one that allows you to slip in two of your fingers between the choker and your cat.


Cats are special and bossy pets to have around. However, their stay can always be ruined by flea and other parasites. Getting the right collar for your kitty will allow you, your feline, and home to enjoy a life free from health complications. Using the tips and detailed guide we have provided, we believe you have all you need to secure the best pulex neckband for your cutty anytime you start collar hunting.

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