The 6 Best Dog Nail Grinders for 2024

Trimming dog claws at home

Are you looking for a way to keep your dog’s nails short and healthy? If that’s the case, then you should think about investing in the best dog nail grinder. This is an excellent tool that will allow you to trim your pet’s nails safely and efficiently without any hassle.

It’s also great because it can be used on other pets as well! You won’t have to worry about sharp edges or injuries anymore when using this device. In this review, we’ll discuss our top 6 picks.

GHG Dog Nail Grinder Our choice 9.5 Low price 3Li-ion 2000mAh
Dremel PawControl 9.3 High price Variable speedLi-on
Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder 9.2 Average price 23 AAA batteries
Dremel 7300-PT 9.1 Average price 2‎NiCAD
Oster Nail Grinder 8.9 Low price 24 AA batteries
Hertzko Electric Nail Grinder 8.3 Low price 11 AAA batteries

A dog nail grinder is a perfect solution! It’s safe, easy to use, and painless. You can grind your dog’s nails yourself at home with no need for expensive trips to the groomer or vet. Plus, it keeps your pup from getting stressed out by having their paws handled (which they hate). And best of all – there are no loud noises like clippers make!

If you want to keep your pup happy and healthy, this should be on your radar. We have some great models available right now, so click here if you want more information about our products today!

Dog Nail Grinders for Anxious Dogs

If you have a pup afraid of going to the groomer or your dog hates getting his nails done, dog nail grinders are an excellent tool for dog owners. Even if you do everything right, most dogs dread this process. Not only is it an intimidating experience for many dog breeds, but it can also be painful and uncomfortable.

Grinders are dog nail trimmers especially made for pet dogs. Just like the name suggests, dog nail grinders are small machines (not drills) that file your dog’s nails instead of cutting them off with sharp blades.

While average dog owners will find dog nail grinders very easy to use, there is a learning curve in case you are using dog nail grinders for the first time. Most dog owners are generally familiar with dog nail clippers. Still, dog nail grinders are slowly taking over the market because they are more effective and safer than traditional dog nail trimmers. If you have a dog afraid of getting his nails trimmed, you need to get him dog nail grinders immediately.

Dogs with Sensitive Nails

Sensitive Dog

When it comes to dog nail grinders, the essential thing that you need to consider is which dog nail grinder is best for your dog. There are dog nail grinders out there that are made to be used on dogs with sensitive nails, and there are also dog nail grinders that are not suitable for dogs with sensitive nails.

Firstly, you need to know if your dog has sensitive nails or not because that will determine which dog nail grinder is best for your dog. If it turns out that your pup has sensitive nails, you should look for a dog nail grinder made in a suitable way for dogs with sensitive nails.

If your dog has sensitive nails, you should seek professional dog grooming services for your dog because they will be able to grind your dog’s nails without inflicting any pain.

For dog owners out there whose dog has broken or cracked nails, the dog nail grinder is not recommended for them because this kind of dog nail grinder can inflict more pain on their dog.

If your furbaby does not have any problems with his nails, you should opt for a dog nail grinder made so that it’s suitable for all dog nails. However, it’s also advisable that you seek professional dog grooming services to ensure that your dog’s nails are in good shape before you buy a dog nail grinder.

The dog nail grinders feature various speeds and power ratings to make them suitable for dogs with sensitive nails. These dog nail grinders can be used on all dog breeds and puppies from the age of 8 weeks and up.

How to Choose a Dog Nail Grinder?

When looking for the correct dog nail grinder, it’s essential to know what type of tool is best suited for your pet. Many different types of nail grinders can be used on dogs, but some may not work well depending on the breed or size of your dog.

In this review, we’ll go over how to choose a dog nail grinder along with some of the most popular dog nail grinders that are available for purchase.

Dogs with Thick Nails

Dog nail grinders are convenient for dogs with large, thick nails that can be difficult to clip. Since dog nail grinders work quickly and last a long time, dog owners don’t have to stress about taking their dog to the groomer for nail trims and other dog grooming services as often.

Cons of Using a Dog Nail Grinder

One of the most common questions pet parents ask their vets is whether or not to use dog nail grinders. The answer depends on numerous factors and should be discussed with your pup’s veterinarian before trying it on your dog.

That said, you still need to be careful when using any dog nail tools because it’s possible to have an accident with the dog’s nail quick. In general, dog nail grinders are considered safe if designed for dog nails and used correctly.

No one likes to hear their dog whimpering, especially when it’s from pain or fear. Although you might give electric dog nail grinders a try because they promise an easier and less stressful way to cut your dog’s nails, you’ll need to know how to do it properly to avoid hurting your pup.

Noise Factor

Dog nails being trimmed during grooming

Dog nail grinders can be loud and may scare your dog. However, they do have a purpose for being loud to function correctly. Dog nail clippers work much in the same way as human nail trimmers, but the rotating blades in a grinder are much quieter than a loud clipper or loud scissors.

What to Look for?

Dog nail grinders are dog-specific nail grooming tools that act similarly to dog nail clippers. However, instead of using sharp scissors, dog nail grinders use a sanding wheel to file the dog’s nails down slowly and evenly. Like dog nail clippers, dog owners can usually buy dog nail grinders at their local pet store or order them online.

Speed setting

A dog nail grinder is easy to use for both first-time users and more experienced dog owners. You should always make sure your dog is comfortable around you before you begin any type of grooming session (including brushing). Use this time beforehand to introduce the dog nail grinder with some treats and verbal praise; if they’re not used to the nail grinder yet.

There are several different speeds available depending on how fast or slow you want to grind down those nails. You can even use it outdoors if needed since there are no cords attached! It makes grooming time much easier than ever before too. With just one easy touch of a button, your pup will be ready for their next adventure in minutes instead of hours like before!

How to Use a Dog Nail Grinder?

Choose the speed setting on your dog’s nail grinder you want, and begin carefully filing down their nails. You can always move up to a higher speed if your dog becomes more used to the sound of the grinder. But be very careful not to file too quickly, as this can cause unnecessary discomfort for your dog.

Like filing human nails down at the salon, dog’s nails should be filed in one direction first (from the bottom of the nail up) and then moving towards the top. It is not recommended that owners switch directions while filing because it can cause splitting or tearing nails.

This makes life easier and helps save money by not having to take them into the groomers all the time either. They will love being pampered at home with our essential dog nail grinder top picks. Here’s the takeaway:

Best Electric Nail Grinders For Dogs

GHG Professional LED Lighting 3-Speed Rechargeable Pet Nail Trimmer with Clippers

GHG Professional LED Lighting 3-Speed Rechargeable Pet Nail Trimmer with Clippers
: 3
: Li-ion 2000mAh
9.5 - ratingLow price Our choice

GHG Dog Nail Grinder Kit is easy to grip, lightweight, friendly design with a powerful engine, and perfect for grinding all sizes of cats and dogs. Pet nail clippers help you to trim your nails. You can trim your pet’s nails professionally at home without any stress. We like these because the Low-normal-high speed is enough for all sizes of pet nails and heavy grinding.

The LED light under the grinder will turn red when it is time to stop grinding. The GHG dog nail grinder is powerful and effective – 3 Speeds for different sizes of dog nails. It can be used on small dogs or large dogs with thick nails. Comfortable and quiet, this pet nail grinder for dogs is designed to make your grooming time more manageable and more enjoyable for you and your pets.

Key feature

  • Affordable
  • Safe & efficient
  • Comfortable & quiet
  • 3 speeds and 3 grinding ports
  • USB charging cable included


  • Diamond bit grinder design is faster, more precise, more effective & safe
  • 3 rotation speed settings to suit every pet's needs
  • LED flashes to remind charging when low voltage
  • Long-lasting battery life with up to a 10-hour charge
  • Effective for wide & thick nails
  • High-quality motor
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Easy to grip & lightweight

Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder and Trimmer

Dremel PawControl Dog Nail Grinder and Trimmer
: Variable speed
: Li-on
9.3 - ratingHigh price

The Dremel Paw Control Dog Nail Grinder and Trimmer is sold with a 9-piece grooming set, including sanding bands, disks, and a nail guard. It features four grinding speeds, and like a few other dog nail grinders, the manufacturer advises using only the lowest setting for dogs.

The Dremel PawControl dog nail grinder also features a USB charging cable and power adapter. This makes it easier to travel with and store than the Dremel 7300-PT’s bulky wall charger. That said, the Dremel features over 7,800 positive ratings.

Key feature

  • Simple to use with four grinding speed options
  • Eye-catching design that is cordless
  • Relatively affordable
  • Easy to understand


  • The nail grinding kit includes everything novice, and experienced groomers need
  • Features a 45-degree paw guide for optimal nail trimming angle
  • Multiple grooming options: 9 pieces are grooming accessories set for multiple nail grinding options
  • A patented EZ twist nose cap makes accessory changes easy
  • Lightweight and portable
  • A variable speed slide switch allows for precise control and grooming speed

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded

Casfuy Dog Nail Grinder Upgraded
: 2
: 3 AAA batteries
9.2 - ratingAverage price

The Casfuy dog nail grinder features over 60,500 positive reviews and is affordable. It uses an advanced diamond drum bit grinder to deliver the safest, most comfortable pet claw grinding. Veterinarians and pet grooming professionals also recommend it.

We like this dog nail grinder because it features an advanced 2-Speed Switch & 3 Grinding Ports: The powerful dog nail trimmer is crafted with an adjustable, low-high speed design powerful enough to support heavy grinding.

Key feature

  • Three ports to match the small, medium, or large pets
  • Low noise (less than 50 db.) and vibration with whisper-quiet technology. Advanced two-speed options for optimal safety and efficiency
  • Electric cordless pet nail grinder
  • Affordable


  • For dogs and cats
  • Rechargeable & portable
  • Features an indicator light on the bottom that turns on when charging
  • Lightweight and ergonomic body design
  • Features diamond drum bit grinder
  • Also can be used on large-sized pets
  • Different port options for all sized dogs

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Pet Dog Nail Grooming & Grinding Tool

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Pet Dog Nail Grooming & Grinding Tool
: 2
: ‎NiCAD
9.1 - ratingAverage price

Say goodbye to messy clippings and pet nail dust flying everywhere. The Dremel nail clipper is a rotary tool, a pet nail groomer, and a grinder that offers a safe, effective nail grinding tool. The Dremel is lightweight and easy to use, capable of removing dirt, grime, and parasites from pet paws while trimming nails.

It comes with a variety of accessories for many different jobs around the home or office. Dremel has been in nail grooming longer than anyone else to date, and this product features over 26,000 positive reviews. Even on low, the Dremel has enough power to file down nails efficiently, though the lower speed will take longer than the higher speed to grind a dog’s nails.

Key feature

  • Safe, affordable, very quiet
  • Affordable
  • Cordless
  • Keep their nails from getting too long and dull
  • Nail grinder removes the risk of trimming too close and causing pain


  • It runs on 4.8 volts, so no need for cords or power packs
  • Comes with a 60 grit sanding drum for fill control
  • Two-speed settings increase efficiency in both easy and hard to reach places
  • Lifetime warranty included
  • Six accessories included
  • Light & compact
  • Professional grade results

Oster Gentle Paws Less Stress Dog and Cat Nail Grinder

Oster Gentle Paws Less Stress Dog and Cat Nail Grinder
: 2
: 4 AA batteries
8.9 - ratingLow price

The Oster Gentle Paws is a fun and safe way to trim your pet’s nails. The adjustable safety guard helps ensure you don’t cut too far and captures filings for less mess. This dog nail grinder works on all breeds of cats and dogs and features a robust 2-speed design.

It requires four AA batteries to operate, which are not included. The Oster also features a removable plastic sheath that fits around the grinding bit and catches the dust as your dog’s nails are filed.

The Oster is also suitable for little paws and features the same technology as professional groomers. The Gentle Paws nail relies on a whisper-quiet rotary motor to quickly and effectively trim your pet’s nails.

Key feature

  • Unique design for both cats and dogs
  • The nail grinder works at two different speeds so you can find the right fit for your pets: low or high speed
  • Battery-powered cordless operation
  • Affordable
  • Rotating head


  • Whisper-quiet rotary tool for stress-free pet nail trimming
  • Genuine Oster® product
  • 2 speeds to choose from: low and high
  • Effective and safe for over 35 years
  • Safety Guard opening
  • Suitable for cats and dogs
  • The grinder can grind your pet's nails in a manner that lessens the adverse effects of cutting them too short
  • Easy to hold the handle


  • It may be a little louder than other dog nail grinders

Electric Dog Nail Grinder by Hertzko

Electric Dog Nail Grinder by Hertzko
: 1
: 1 AAA batteries
8.3 - ratingLow price

The Hertzko dog nail grinder has over 10,000 positive ratings and is manufactured with Diamond Bit Grinder, safer and more effective than nail clippers to trim pet nails. The Hertzko dog nail grinder is a good way to trim your pet’s nails and features an adjustable speed control that allows you to choose the right setting for your pet.

Pet owners love the Hertzko dog nail grinder because it is easy to use, quiet, and does not cause any pain or discomfort for their pets. Hertzko dog nail grinder is a high-quality, professional nail grinder for your pet. It’s the best way to trim your pet’s nails and keep them healthy and safe.

Hertzko dog nail grinder has different size openings: Small (for small dogs), medium (for medium-sized dogs), and Large (for large dogs). Each opening will grind your pet’s nails to the desired length in seconds! Hertzko dog nail grinder is made of durable ABS plastic so that it won’t rust or break. The grinding blades are made of stainless steel, so they’ll last longer than other products on the market. This product comes with a safety guard that prevents you from cutting too far into your pet’s nails.

Key feature

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Features multiple sizes to match different dog breed nail requirements
  • Ultra-muted motor


  • Gentle, yet powerful, grinding action that is designed to trim your pet's nails without causing pain or discomfort
  • Safe and painless
  • Features a safety switch that stops the grinding action when you release the button
  • Portable & USB chargeable
  • Easy to clean

The Best Way to Trim Your Dogs’ nails with a Dog Nail Grinder

Many people don’t realize the importance of taking care of a dog’s nails. If the nails are not trimmed, they will start to curl, and the quick will grow through the nail, which can be very painful for your pup and lead to infections if it is not treated quickly.

There are two different types of grinders you can use on your dog. The rotary grinder has a sanding band that spins around the nail, and the other is the Dremel tool. The Dremel tool usually needs to be plugged in to have some extra power, while the rotary isn’t as strong but more portable since you do not need an outlet.

Dog nail structure anatomy

There are some precautions to take when using the grinder on your dog’s nails, including:

  • Only use the grinder for a few seconds at a time, so the tool doesn’t get too hot and burn the nail or skin of your pup.
  • Keep the grinder moving over the surface of the nail; the grinding motion it makes will remove the top layers of the nails.
  • Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure, or the tool will jam and won’t be able to grind the nail properly.
  • Keep an eye on your dog’s ears during the process; if they are sensitive, it might hurt them. This is why the rotary grinder might be the better option for your pup.
  • Do not use the Dremel tool on a dog with white nails; the heat from the friction will discolor the nail and cause it to turn yellow or dark brown.
  • The grinder should also never be used around the dew claw (a dew claw is the nail that the pup has on the inside of the front leg, it doesn’t touch the ground and is located higher up on the paw).
  • Be cautious when using a grinder around your dog’s dew claws (if they have them) because you could nick or cut this part of their body which can lead to bleeding.
  • Dogs with white nail disease should not be ground because it could cause the blood vessels in the area to break, leading to bruising or bleeding.
  • Do not use the grinder on a dog’s nails if they are infected; this is because the heat from the friction may burn the skin and make things worse.
  • If the grinder gets caught or jams, you should stop immediately and get the tool unstuck before continuing the process to avoid hurting your dog’s nails.
  • Try not to let the quick of the nail show when using a rotary grinder because it is easy to hit them with the tool, which will hurt your pup.
  • The rotary grinder might be the better option for you because the Dremel tool can’t get as close to the quick without getting caught. If this happens, the nail will bleed, and your pup may not like it next time (if they do at all).
  • Once you are done with the nails on one paw, the Dremel tool should be turned off and the grinder moved to the next paw.
  • Just like us, dogs need their nails trimmed about every four weeks or so depending on the breed (some will naturally wear down faster than others).

Final Thoughts

Well-groomed dog paws

Nail grinding is one of the best things you can do for your dog. It’s considered a proactive way to prevent any potential damage that clipping can cause, like broken or split nails and unnecessary bleeding. It also keeps them from scratching owners, guests, and anybody else they don’t like (or who doesn’t like them).

Though some dogs will still require their nails to be clipped, it’s essential to introduce them to alternative trimming methods. This is especially true with puppies, who are naturally very curious about their surroundings. The scissor-action type nail trimmers or guillotine type nail clippers can cause torn or split nails. And most importantly, it saves you from the awful nail-clipping sound.

Nail grinders also save you the time and hassle of having to take your dog back and forth to a groomer so that they can get their nails done. Although there is an initial investment, using a grinder is much more convenient than clipping, which requires repeated trips to a salon or pet store for new blades. You don’t have to worry about scheduling appointments with someone else’s schedule.

Plus, if you do regular nail grinding and grooming at home, you’ll save money in the long run, as well as build trust between yourself and your pup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do nail grinders hurt dogs?

The dog nail grinder might seem like a painful process to your dog, but it doesn’t hurt them. They will feel the dog nail grinder, but it will not feel like their nails are being cut or clipped by dog clippers. The dog nail grinder simply files the dog’s nails down, but dog nail clippers remove part of the dog’s nail every time you cut.

What are some dog nail grinder alternatives?

There are many dog nail grinders to choose from, so it may be hard to narrow down your options. There are dog nail grinders that come with a dog nail grinder guide to help you choose the right dog nail grinder for your dog. The dog nail grinder guide will give you a dog’s specific measurements that correspond with each dog nail grinder.

Is it better to cut or grind dog nails?

Since dog nail grinders are similar to dog nail clippers, they can be used as a replacement for dog nail clippers. Just like dog nail clippers, dog nail grinders can be used to cut dog nails.

Is the Dremel a good nail grinder?

Like the Dremel dog nail grinder, a dog nail grinder is a dog-specific dog grooming tool that acts similarly to many other pet nail grinders. Dremel is super popular, has many good reviews and is priced affordably.