Discover the Best Chinchilla Cages: 2024 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Chinchilla Cages

If you own a chinchilla or are thinking about permanently adding one of these loving pets to your own household, you might be asking yourself the question: What are the most suitable and best chinchilla cages? The cage will be your pet’s house, and it is by far, one of the most vital products you will buy. It is very important that you bear in mind that selecting a quality cage is the difference between unhealthy and stressed chinchilla, and a healthy and a happy one.

However, numerous chinchilla cages are available in the market. So how do you pick one that best aligns with your preferences and needs? The good news for you is that we have got you covered! We have gone ahead and compiled the best six recommendations to help you in choosing the most favorable abode for your pet chinchillas.

Following the list of best six chinchilla cages, we will also be sharing a thorough buyers’ guide, as well as FAQ with answers to every question you may have about chinchilla cages. By the time you are done perusing this piece, you will be in a better position to select a cage that is perfect for your affectionate chinchillas!

Read on if you are ready!

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation
Our Choice

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Of the many chinchilla cages, we researched and analyzed, the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation provides your pet chinchillas with the best possible environment according to our set of standards. Between its roomy interior and unique design that is very easy-to-clean, this cage is our top favorite, and we recommend it highly to anyone on the lookout for a top-quality chinchilla cage.

Prevue Hendryx Ferret Cage
Best Overall

Prevue Hendryx Ferret Cage

With a very impressive grade of 9.5, the Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage is the best overall cage for your needs if you have two chinchillas. This product boasts ample room for your chinchillas and their play items. Furthermore, it is very easy and convenient to move this cage around from one point to another, and it is effortless to maintain and keep clean.

Our Best 6 Chinchilla Cages of 2024

The following table briefly compares the best chinchilla cages that you can buy in 2024. This comparison is followed by detailed reviews of each of the cages. In this useful table, we have provided information about the physical components and dimensions so that you know precisely what you are purchasing. The table acts as a guide for you to pick the chinchilla cage with the ideal overall features to meet your pet’s personal requirements.

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation Our Choice 9.8 High price 36" L x 24" W x 63" H1/2"02
Prevue Hendryx Best Overall 9.5 High price 31" L x 20" W x 54" H7/8"02
YAHEETECH 6 Level Cage 9.3 High price 25" L x 12" W x 52” H0.9”03
Prevue Pet Products 9.2 Average price 31" L x 20,5" W, 40" H3/8"01
PawHut Cage 9.1 High price 31.5 '' L x 20.75 '' W x 59.5 '' H0.5”03
Living World Habitat 9.0 Average price 46.9 L x 22.8 W x 24 H1"21
Prevue Pet Products Deluxe 8.8 High price 37’’ L x 23 1/8’’ W x 63 3/8'' H7/16’’02

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation
: 36" L x 24" W x 63" H
: 1/2"
: 0
: 2
9.8 - ratingHigh price Our Choice

Without a doubt, the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation is the best chinchilla cage we have come across on the market.

One of the best features of this cage is that it is extremely spacious. Courtesy to this double level unit, your pet chinchillas, get four levels to move around. Furthermore, this model is a metal chinchilla cage. Hence, it is very sturdy and chew-proof.

In addition, the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation cage is equipped with double doors (full width), which enables easier cleaning and greater overall accessibility. There is a built-in stand in the cage with a shelf. This shelf is large enough for you to easily store your chinchilla’s food, extra toys, etc.

Moreover, all the wires in this cage are 0.5 inches apart, which ensures that your pets will be able to play and climb without escaping the enclosure.

Above everything else, this great Chinchilla cage is very lightweight, and you can easily move it around inside your house.

Experience with product

Content customers who purchased the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation cage for their chinchillas have praised it for several reasons. To start off, the cage has easy-to-adjust shelves and a very large size that gives chinchillas a lot of room to roam around and exercise freely. Furthermore, customers very much liked how the cage has full-width double doors that allow easy access to the content inside, as well as convenient cleaning. According to customers, this feature alone boosts the value of the cage tremendously, and they have pointed this out in their positive reviews of the cage.

In addition, those who have bought the Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation cage have talked highly of its sturdy build, courtesy to the cage’s metal body. A metal chinchilla cage tends to last longer than similar products made of other materials, and the buyers are very pleased with that.

Key feature

  • Full-width double doors
  • Includes 3 plastic ramps and 2 pans


  • Durable and very sturdy
  • Spacious enough to accommodate 3 chinchillas
  • Extremely customizable and versatile


  • Quite expense to buy
  • Quality of the ramp inside is not very good

Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage
: 31" L x 20" W x 54" H
: 7/8"
: 0
: 2
9.5 - ratingHigh price Best Overall

This cage is a wonderful abode for your pet chinchillas. It has very roomy inside, and that allows your pet to have fun with all of its playthings and enough space to move around freely.

The cage also comes with a well-built hammock, so there is no need for you to purchase it separately. What’s more, this unit features 2 solid metal grilles, 1 plastic tray, 3 sturdy plastic ramps and 2 platforms made of plastic. You can take all of these things out of the cage very easily for cleaning purposes. At the cage’s bottom is a storage compartment where you may put your pet accessories. Moreover, this cage is equipped with two well-built escape-proof doors that have locks that are resistant to rust and made from premium stainless steel. This allows more accessibility from both the top and bottom of the Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage. Therefore, properly maintaining the cage becomes very effortless. You can also move your cage from one place to another with ease, thanks to the casters. Primarily owing to its spaciousness and iron construction, we consider this chinchilla cage to be our best choice overall.

Experience with product

Users who have reviewed this cage have been very satisfied with iron construction of the unit, as well as its ease of cleanliness, escape-proof doors and spacious interior. Most folks have claimed that this cage is the ideal size for their pets to roam and play around. That’s why they highly recommend it to anyone looking for a roomy unit for their animals. The hammock has also received a lot of admiration from pet owners who say it’s a great accessory.

However, some users pointed out that the cage’s quality is not as good as they had hoped when they bought the product, despite it being a little expensive as well. However, this is the only negative remark some of the people have given the cage. Overall, customers have found the Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret cage to be a splendid home for their pet chinchillas.

Key feature

  • Hammock included
  • Large and hinged doors


  • Very secure owing to escape-proof doors
  • Cage is easy to maneuver around


  • Wired ground base
  • Not very economical to buy

YAHEETECH 52-inch 6 Level Metal Critter Cage

YAHEETECH 52-inch 6 Level Metal Critter Cage
: 25" L x 12" W x 52” H
: 0.9”
: 0
: 3
9.3 - ratingHigh price

This Yaheetech 6 Level Metal Critter Cage allows you to keep more than three chinchillas in a single cage. This stylish and thoughtfully designed metal cage comes with powder-coated metal square wires and tubes. Yaheetech has used hammertone paint for finishing, which makes it corrosion and wear-resistant.

It also features six tiers connected with ramps, which provide greater space for your pets to rest and enjoy. Yaheetech has incorporated three big arched doors to offer maximum accessibility. These doors are secured with latches, so you don’t need to worry about your pets when you are not at home.

Its incredible sleek design complements every setting. Additionally, its compact style and construction allow you to keep it in any place. This cage also features a slide-out tray, metal mesh between tray and pets, and rolling casters for easy movement.

Experience with Product

Customers are opting for this product because of its quick and easy assembling. They also love its beautiful structure and robust construction.

The primary thing that attracts most customers is its safety and security. According to them, their pets love to climb up and down the whole day, which gives them an activity to kill boredom.

Key feature

  • Comes with pet bowl and water bottle
  • Contains rams, shelves, and a slide-out tray


  • Durable construction
  • East transport
  • Compact structure


  • Best for only larger chinchilla
  • Bigger space for one pet

PawHut Rolling Small Animal Cage

PawHut Rolling Small Animal Cage
: 31.5 '' L x 20.75 '' W x 59.5 '' H
: 0.5”
: 0
: 3
9.1 - ratingHigh price

This PawHut Rabbit Cage is the perfect home for your little fellow. The larger area gives maximum space to your Chinchilla, rabbit, and other small animals to have fun and enjoyment. This feature makes it extremely comfortable and suitable for small pets. Its three large doors offer you easy access, which comes with lockable features.

Apart from this, PawHut Rabbit Cage is durable and strong, giving it a long life expectancy. It also features four wheels for easy transportation. You can also benefit from its height, as you will be able to keep an eye on your pet from far.

For adding a fun element, PawHut has added platforms and ramps. So, your Chinchilla will have an activity to enjoy throughout the day. Besides being secure and safe for your little friend, it also has an appealing construction.

On top of everything, this cage offers you a heavy-duty non-toxic, powder-coated steel finish. Lastly, you don’t need to worry about cleaning, as it comes with a removable bottom tray.

Experience with Product

Customers who have purchased this PawHut Rolling Cage call it the best product in the market. They love its maximum space and height. Pet parents also choose this product as this cage is best if you want to keep more than one small animal in the cage.

According to them, pets love to sleep on different levels in this cage, as they feel comfortable. It has 5 ramps and 5 platforms. Customers also opt for this cage for its accessibility feature and easy cleaning procedure.

Key feature

  • Multiple doors
  • Heavy duty construction


  • Extremely durable
  • Comes with 5 platforms and 5 ramps
  • Non-toxic powder-coated steel finish


  • Covers great space
  • Low-quality joints

Prevue Pet Products Rat and Chinchilla Cage

Prevue Pet Products Rat and Chinchilla Cage
: 31" L x 20,5" W, 40" H
: 3/8"
: 0
: 1
9.2 - ratingAverage price

The Prevue Pet Products Rat and Chinchilla cage provides more than adequate bang for its buck and is a terrific home not only for your pet chinchillas but for your rats and ferrets as well. Except for the plastic tray at the bottom of the grate, every other thing in this cage is made out of metal. This cage might not be quite as heavy-duty as other cage models, but it is still very sturdy and does not weigh too much either. Furthermore, this chinchilla cage is very easy and effortless to assemble.

The Prevue Pet Products Rat and Chinchilla cage provides 3 levels and a lot of ground space for your pets to explore. You can leverage this large space to segregate some of your pets, whether they are aged chinchillas or baby ones. The ramps of this cage are quite wide and very solid as well, which is perfect for weak chinchilla feet to gather sure footing.

Experience with product

The standout feature of the Prevue Pet Products Rat and Chinchilla cage in the eyes of the purchasers is that it comes at a moderate price yet manages to tick most of the boxes! Customers are also very much impressed by is this chinchillas cage’s spacious interior, which provides their pets with ample room to roam and play around without a care in the world.

Although the cage is prone to rust, which is certainly a drawback, customers are willing to overlook that flaw because of the unit’s many other features, like broad ramps, a grille that you can pull out, and so forth.

Key feature

  • Pull out tray and grille
  • Large access door


  • Cage has a very practical design that boasts a sleek finish
  • Tiny wire spacing


  • The door is quite small
  • Prone to rusting

Living World Deluxe Habitat

Living World Deluxe Habitat
: 46.9 L x 22.8 W x 24 H
: 1"
: 2
: 1
9.0 - ratingAverage price

The Living World Deluxe Habitat is another splendid and dependable cage for your pets. It is large enough to easily accommodate 2 or more chinchillas and weighs just 19 pounds as well. This makes it very convenient to move the cage from one place to another.

Since there is ample space inside this unique 2-level cage, you do not have to worry that your furry little pets will feel very crowded.

Furthermore, the Living World Deluxe Habitat has an elevated balcony where your chinchillas can sit and unwind. Your pet will also enjoy its peace as the cubbyhole below the balcony is a great place for him to chill around.

In addition, this chinchilla cage comes with a water bottle and hay guard. You can fasten this guard outside the cage to increase the overall space.

When you talk about the cage’s accessibility, you can easily see dual lid openings at the top of the cage and at the front as well. In fact, this very feature makes cleaning and maintaining the cage very easy because it lets you reach any part of the chinchilla cage conveniently.

Experience with product

Buyers of the Living World Deluxe Habitat chinchilla cage have spoken very highly of its portability and ease of accessibility that makes it easy to move around and clean. Furthermore, most reviewers have also mentioned that this was one of the best chinchilla cages they have owned so far, citing that the plastic bottom is easy to maintain. They also like that buying a Living World Deluxe Habitat chinchilla cage does not burn a hole in their wallet! In other words, the cage comes at a very reasonable price.

Key feature

  • Plastic bottom
  • Elevated balcony


  • Very durable metal wiring
  • Well ventilated
  • Easy to clean


  • No written directions available when you buy the cage
  • Water bottle that comes with the Living World Deluxe Habitat drops too much water

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe
: 25” W x 24.5” H x 36” L
: 1”
: 0
: 1
8.9 - ratingAverage price

Look no further than the MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe if you are seeking a quality cage for your chinchillas that boasts a solid construction with several ramps and platforms.

Furthermore, this great 2-story cage features a flat bottom to safeguard your pets’ feet from any injury (even the shelves and ramps are flat bottomed!). Happy Feet covers drape the ramp for a firm and better grip when climbing or jumping between shelves. In addition, you can easily remove the trays and shelves inside the cage for easy cleanup.

When it comes to MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe’s wire bars, they are actually long-lasting and very durable and can provide sufficient ventilation for your pet chinchillas inside the cage. The 0.5-inch horizontal spacing enables better airflow while being small enough to prevent injury and your chinchillas from escaping.

What’s more – each level of this cage is equipped with full-width double doors. This allows you to maintain the cage very easily and quicker access to your adoring pets.

Experience with product

The most common praise that users have for the MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe cage is its reliable construction and wide doors. What customers also love about this cage is that it comes equipped with several ramps and platforms that can help chinchillas to move around inside the enclosure easily.

However, some reviewers are displeased with the fact that it assembling the cage is quite difficult and takes a lot of time. Nonetheless, the benefits of this particular model are far more than its cons, so folks greatly recommend this product to anyone seeking housing, which fits 2 chinchillas with ease.

Key feature

  • Flat bottom
  • Full-width double doors


  • Easy to move cage around
  • Large and vertical space for jumping and climbing
  • Durable Construction


  • Assembling cage is quite challenging
  • Expensive to purchase

Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Critter Cage

Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Critter Cage
: 37’’ L x 23 1/8’’ W x 63 3/8'' H
: 7/16’’
: 0
: 2
8.8 - ratingHigh price

You cannot complete a list of the best chinchilla cages without including the Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Critter Cage in it! One of the best things about this cage is that manufacturers have designed the cage to home several small animals. Hence, if you are looking for a house for your baby ferrets and rats, apart from chinchillas, this is the perfect cage for you!

In addition, this cage boasts a metal and heavy-duty construction. That makes the product very durable, and you can expect it to last a very long time before you need to replace the cage!

Furthermore, when you buy the Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Critter Cage, it comes with 3 ramps, 5 shelves, and 1 hammock, so there is no need for you to purchase these accessories separately.

The cage also has hard rubber and metal casters that enable you to move the unit easily from one point to another. Moreover, this unit boasts 2 large entry points for easy access inside the cage.

Experience with product

Users who purchased the Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Critter Cage have written glowing reviews about this cage’s durable metal construction and the fact that it does not break down too easily. Furthermore, the cage’s portability has also garnered a lot of praise from individuals who have a tendency to move the cage around frequently from one point to another. Overall, users highly recommend this particular model to any person who wants to buy a reliable cage for their chinchillas.

Key feature

  • Metal construction
  • Designed to house several animals


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable construction


  • Does not come cheap!

Important Considerations to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Chinchillas Cages

Chinchillas Sit in Cage

When it comes to selecting a cage for your chinchilla, there are certain important factors that you ought to keep in mind. Some of these factors include:

  • Spaciousness

    It is best to buy a chinchilla cage that is as spacious as possible. The cage should offer sufficient space for at least 2 pets to move around freely and exercise if they want to. Keeping that in mind and given that you have 2 chinchillas, the cage ought to have at least 12 ft of cubic space. In addition, the cage needs to have enough room to accommodate all of your pet’s toys and other accessories.

    Furthermore, the chinchilla cage must be as tall as possible, as these animals simply adore climbing and jumping, just as much as they like to snuggle. A multi-level cage completely equipped with platforms, perches, and ramps are best for your charming pets.

  • Bar spacing

    It is very important to ensure that you purchase a chinchilla cage with bar spacing that your pet cannot squeeze through. Cage bar spacing for adult chinchillas should have a maximum space of 1 inch. Similarly, if you have baby chinchillas, the bar spacing in the cage should strictly be less than 0.5 inches. It is vital that you keep these dimensions in mind if you do not want your pet to escape from its cage!

  • Ease of cleaning

    A large or properly-sized chinchilla cage will considerably lower your cleaning time since your chinchilla will not roll in her or his muck too regularly.

    However, if you plan to clean your pet’s cage on a daily basis, you may opt for a cage that has a deep tray or pan. In such a case, ensure that the tray or cage pan fits according to the bedding type you plan to use inside the cage for your chinchilla.

    For example, a shallow pan or tray works perfectly on a fleece or fabric bedding as you can easily wrap the material around the said tray or pan and then firmly clip it in place.

  • Ventilation

    Chinchilla Sit

    Heat affects chinchillas very easily, and these creatures need to reside in a very cool environment. Hence, it is important that you buy a cage that provides good ventilation.

    The chinchilla cage ought to have enough spacings or holes all around to enable fresh air into the cage.

  • Material

    The cage’s material is a very important consideration to bear in mind when you are buying a chinchilla cage. Chinchillas tend to have rooted teeth, so they like to chew on every single thing that they can. That is why it’s crucial to get a chew proof cage constructed from metal. This makes sure your pet is properly contained and that they will not swallow anything that may harm them.

    Some chinchilla cages have plastic platforms or bottoms. These are typically ok as long as the wires and bars are made of metal. This is to prevent your pets from chewing through the bars and damaging them.

  • Design

    The design of a chinchilla cage is not just a tiny factor as it defines the comfort level your pet chinchillas may enjoy in their home. It is important that your cage has firm flooring to hold paper or wood shaving bedding. This can be PVC covered metal or heavy-duty plastic.

    Furthermore, take a close look at the chinchilla cage’s ramps and shelves. Both of these ought to be organized in a certain manner where you can adjust them easily. The most vital thing, however, is to make certain that ramps in this cage boast a textured surface. A surface of that kind provides ample traction so your pets will not slip while climbing up the ramp.

  • Your Cage Should be Portable

    You never really know when you might have to move your chinchilla cage from one spot/location/point to another. Hence, make sure that you buy a cage with wheels so you can push it around easily in the vicinity of your home. Additionally, get a cage that you can easily dismantle and assemble in a short time.

  • Accessories

    Chinchilla Run on Wheel

    Chinchillas are very smart creatures, and they require a high level of mental and physical stimulation. To that end, you should consider putting adding accessories such as toys, hideouts, chews, etc. inside the cage to make sure that your pet remains content and does not get bored.

    When you look for a chinchilla cage, get one that has adequate room for vital accessories such as food dishes, water bottles, and dust bath containers.

    It is fortunate that a majority of the chinchilla cages come equipped with a stand or storage shelf. This particular feature is very advantageous as you do not have to store your chinchilla’s items/supplies in some extra space. Such stands or shelves are roomy enough to easily accommodate toys, hays, treats, and so forth.

  • Escape-proof

    Chinchillas are completely covered with very dense fur. Hence, it is in your best interests if you do not let your pet’s chubby body fool you!

    Bear in mind that if the space between the cage bars is large enough to let your chinchilla wriggle its heads out, it can escape as well.

    Hence, as stated earlier and to ensure that your cage is totally escape-proof, you should definitely consider buying a chinchilla cage that does not have more than 0.5-inch bar spacings.

  • Levels

    The more vertical space and levels you can give your chinchilla in its cage, the better. That is because your pet will then have ample room to jump to these levels, play around and exercise. Although chinchillas enjoy jumping to each of these levels, it is a great idea to have a ramp as well that they can use to climb instead. Make sure that the ramps are made using a flat material to prevent your pets’ small feet from getting caught when they are jumping or climbing.

  • Dust Bath

    Among other things, ensure that the cage you buy has a dust bath container (or at least has the room to accommodate one!).  A dust bath is very critical for the health of your chinchilla and to keep its fur clean and soft. A dust bath allows the animal to take off extra dirt and oils, leaving its fur fluffy and shiny.  Sanitized chinchilla dust is ideal for this purpose.  

What to Put in a Chinchilla Cage?

Chinchilla Drink from Water Bottle
  • Necessary Cage Items

    • Bedding: Your chinchilla requires bedding to sleep in snugly. Natural aspen wood is a great material for bedding for your pet. However, be sure to change it frequently.
    • Food bowl: You have to feed your chinchillas, and for that purpose, you will need a small-sized ceramic food bowl, particularly for small animals. It is important that you position the bowl away from the cage’s shelf edges, so it does not fall down and hit any of your chinchillas.
    • Water Bottle: Similar to all other animals, your chinchilla needs clean water to drink. Put a clear and plastic water bottle inside the cage so you can monitor the water level inside. You can get such a bottle at just about any pet store.
  • Accessory Items

    • Toys: Chinchillas like to chew, and that is what toys are for! To that end, put some chew sticks inside the cage to keep your pet entertained. Steer clear from toys that have tiny parts such as beads. Your pet might choke if it swallows these parts.
    • Ramps: Ramps allow your pet chinchilla to exercise often so that it will not have to sit at rest in one spot. You do not want your pet to get lazy, do you?

How to Maintain a Chinchilla Cage Properly?

Chinchillas Sit

Change the bedding regularly

It is important to regularly remove bedding inside the chinchilla cage. This will allow your pet to urinate and sleep in a clean place. Your chinchillas tend to become sadder when they’re made to stay in soiled bedding for long periods of time. Furthermore, when you change their bedding often, at least once or twice a week, it helps keep your house smelling nice as well.

Wash extensively

However, changing the bedding inside the chinchilla cage is not enough to keep the foul smell away. To ensure that your cage is 100 percent clean, frequently wash all sides of the cage, especially the wired top. You might not be able to see it, but your chinchilla can urinate on the wires of the cage, and that may very well be the key reason why an awful smell is emanating from the cage. It is best to wash this at once every week.

Remove feeders and food bowls

Once your chinchilla has eaten, remove his or her food bowl and clean it out regularly. This will eliminate any traces of food from remaining, which prevents bacterial growth. As a result, your chinchilla stays healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Chinchillas Require a Companion?

Two Chinchillas

No, not necessarily! Some rodents (like guinea pigs) can get very depressed when they do not have a companion, but a chinchilla is fine most of the time on its own.

Though, to be fair, a chinchilla will usually not react in a negative manner when it is in the company of more chinchillas. However, if you are purchasing a pair of these pets, it is best to always buy either two females or two males – never keep a female with a male because that might lead to breeding. If that happens, you might soon end up with several little chinchillas!

How Large Must the Chinchilla Enclosure Be?

Keep in mind that larger is better when selecting a cage for your chinchilla! The enclosure for one chinchilla has to be a minimum of 12 cu ft or 3 ft x 2 ft x 2ft. If you are housing two chinchillas together, they will need a big chinchilla cage. Chinchilla cages need to be considerably bigger and should have several levels so your pets can jump and climb around. The majority of chinchilla cages have three levels. In order to live comfortably, it is vital to have at least four sq ft of floor space. Measure and evaluate the area in your house where you will be housing your chinchilla to assess whether you can easily accommodate a big sized chinchilla cage.

What is Chinchilla Dust?

A chinchilla often takes dust-baths to clean itself and remove moisture from its coats. To help your chinchillas keep up with their hygiene, you will have to provide them with daily dust baths. The bowl needs to be large enough for your pets to roll around in, and you should place it in the cage for around 10 minutes every day. Never leave dust bath in their cage, or your pets will get the dust filthy with fecal matter, urine and food crumbs. You can also reuse the dust as long as it is clean. You can buy chinchilla dust online or at the majority of pet stores.

How do you go about Cleaning the Chinchilla Cage?

Compared to other pets, chinchillas are usually cleaner animals, but you should remove their waste and poop every day. You should give the complete cage a thorough cleaning once every week with water and liquid dish soap or diluted white vinegar. Moreover, you ought to clean any accessories and toys every week and check them for any kind of hazards in the process. Do not make use of harsh chemicals or bleach to clean the cage. Ensure that the cage is totally dry before you reline it and put your chinchillas back inside.

What kind of Bedding is Ideal for a Chinchilla?

When it comes to selecting the bedding for your chinchilla, the general rule is to go for wood shavings. The only thing you have to look into is the wood type you will be used in particular.

For instance, shavings like that from the pine tree can be a great bedding option for your chinchilla.

On the other hand, it is best if you do not select cedar. Although it is available easily in most of the stores and is quite cheap as well, this wood type poses a health risk for your pet, as these shaving can create particular problems with their respiratory and liver system.

Where do Chinchillas Nap?

Chinchillas Sleeps in Cage

A chinchilla will usually sleep on its cage’s floor. A modest hutch that either hangs off the cage’s side or sits on the floor is a great addition to the cage to ensure your pets can have at least some privacy. If you have more than one chinchillas, they will want hutches to get some quality alone time. Moreover, hammocks that hang from the cage’s top can be a comfortable spot for your pet to sleep.

Do Chinchillas Bond With Their Owners?

Several chinchilla owners would gladly say “yes” to this question!

As chinchillas have quite a long lifespan (up to 20 years), they and their owners have a lot of time to create a strong bond between each other. The only issue is that since chinchillas are mainly nocturnal creatures, they might not be very active during the daytime.

However, if you, as an owner, exercise patience and take proper care of your pet by regularly feeding it and holding it each day for some time, you are most likely to eventually bond with your adorable pet.

Where Should you Keep the Cage?

Chinchillas are not able to endure extreme temperatures, and since predators can get into the cage or open its door means that you should keep your chinchillas inside. The area of your house where you put the cage is vital. A chinchilla does best in a quiet, dry, and well-ventilated area that has natural light. These pets are susceptible to overheating, and you should keep them in temperatures in the range of 60-75°F. Dens, bedrooms, offices, and living rooms are great spots to keep your chinchillas. You should not keep their cages in bathrooms, small kitchens, closets, or any other area where they may get shoved around. Chinchillas are social creatures. If you keep them in a place where they regularly see you, they will not feel isolated and will become accustomed to your presence. However, you should keep them away from playrooms or other spots with excessive activity and noise.

Should You Cover the Chinchilla Cage or Have Heat Lamp?

It is important to know that you should not cover your chinchilla cage or keep it under a heat lamp when your pets are inside. Chinchillas need a well-ventilated place, and you need to keep the room you put them in at a temperature between 60-75°F. When you keep them under a heat lamp or cover the cage, you make the chinchilla prone to overheating, and it can greatly disturb their sleep cycle.

Does the Chinchilla Cage Door Require a Special Latch?

Chinchillas Sleeps in Cage With Latch

Chinchillas are not very good at escaping like some of the mischievous animals, so a standard latch that comes with your chinchilla cage ought to be adequate to contain your pets. If you are concerned about them opening the door of the cage, you can get a spring latch or wire door from a pet store. If you have small kids in your house, you need to child-proof the cage’s door, so they cannot open it when you are not there.

What is the best place to position a hammock inside a chinchilla cage?

It is best to let the hammock hang from the top of the chinchilla cage. In this way, it does not take up any space on the ground surface below. Furthermore, your pet can run play and run on the cage floor without having a large sized obstacle blocking its path.

What is the best bar spacing for a chinchilla cage?

That depends on the size of your pet. Cage bar spacings for adult chinchillas should have a maximum space of 1 inch (anything less than that is perfect!). Similarly, if you have baby chinchillas, the bar spacing in the cage should strictly be less than 0.5 inches. It is vital that you keep these dimensions in mind if you do not want your pet to escape from its cage!

What is the best chinchilla litter pan for a huge cage?

An ideal option for a chinchilla cage litter pan is a ceramic baking or glass dish. These are usually heavy and quite easy to clean. Since they are heavy, your pet chinchilla will not find it possible to kick it or knock it over and make a big mess inside the cage! You can either use an old glass baking dish that you do not use for anything else or purchase a new one from any of the pet stores. Alternately, you can also get a stainless steel litter pan, as this is a very good option for your chinchilla cage as well.

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