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The information presented on this site stem solely from expert opinions of veterinarians, equipment manufacturers, laboratory tests results, customer reviews and our many years of experience in pet care and training.

We have tried to provide information in a manner that allows you to choose the optimal product for your pet quickly. We will aid you in getting the right answers to all your questions.

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New stuff comes out every day with the simple goal of aiding our paw friends to get a better life. Hence, whether you are new to this side of life or a veteran, there are new kinds of stuff to uncover!

PetonBed is here to assist you in giving your canine the best life they deserve. That starts from the right product, supplement, to care tips and guides. Here we have curated a detailed collection of products. Their uses, facts, as well as buying guides to ensure you make the very best decision.

Explore what we have for you and discover what you are after! There is even more of those you never thought you needed. Gain the essential knowledge required to keep your dog healthy, happy, and loyal by your side. Click to find out more.


Our cats are very dear to us. They may be bossy and therefore annoying at times. Other times, they are just a ball of joy. Knowing what is best for them is essential because they are picky right to their stomach needs! Sadly, there are a lot of contradicting info out there, and loads of products to streamline.

Pet on Bed is here to make the job easy. We understand how picky and smart our cats are. Having a team of experts and vets in this field, we do our best to ensure your kitty gets the best life they deserve. From their best cat products, FAQs, care tips, to health and all-around info. We have it all here! Go ahead! Explore! And keep your kitten happy and healthy!


When it comes to our smaller friends, the ball of taking care and growing to love them is different. They are the best starter pet for your kids. While going shopping for them, it is wise to consider two things: your child who is learning to love them and the pet’s unique nature. Hence, your ideal product should cater to the needs and safety of both parties.

Our collection of rodent products and information circles around these two factors and more. We are here to ensure that your baby’s little pet gets the right food, shelter, exercise, and recreation they will ever need.



Training or raring a fish at home isn’t as easy as training other pets. These lovely creatures dwell in a place where the air is replaced by water that has been in existence for an ample amount of time to change and harbor their kind. Our replication can never meet their exact standards. For that, the right product for your fish has to consider this in every stage of development. Without doing that, reality can be unpleasant for your new friend.

For this reason, PetonBed has carefully gone through available products, using our years of experience in the field to us to select the very best for your kind of domesticated fish. Be it your killifish, rainbow fish, goldfish and more; we have the information you need.

Learn the best tank, water treatment, aquarium accessories, meal product, care method and more to promote the general wellbeing of your fish friend.



Birds are extraordinary creatures, and unlike some other domesticated animals, they can’t really be tamed. Hence, everything done around them should be carefully thought out. You want to go for products that put into consideration how they live in the wild. From the kind of food they eat to the places they stay.

Having the ideal product put in place will make your bird pet comfortable. This action will encourage their growth and ensure they don’t fly off forever when you let them out.

Our PetonBed bird collection puts this into consideration. We have carefully collected information and the right products to ensure your bird enjoys the best life he or she can see by your side.



Petting or raring a reptile isn’t easy at all. It requires bravely and high sense of responsibility as it is a different ball game altogether. Whether it’s a chameleon, python, fire toad or more, you have to be careful. These folks have their wild and instinct more inherent than others.

For this reason, it is essential that you purchase only the right product for their care, stay, and health. Also, you should have a great understanding of them— their predatory nature down to their nesting habit in the wild. Failure to do this can go ugly for both parties.

Our reptile collection has all the needed details to ensure you raise your desired reptile adequately. From how to train them, facts about them, tips, to products, we have it all here.

Tips and Tricks

PetonBed is all about providing helpful and factual contents to products for our fellow pet parents. We take our time to actually do the research. These researches we back up with our years of experience in the field as both experts and parents. We also go as far as to test all products we have access to for physical verification.

Each content on our site are very detailed, recent, and comes from the tables of vets, food engineers, pet parents, and more to help people like us. Hence, it is important to follow our every instruction. You should feel free to contact us too with your questions if needed. We are always ready to help in any way we can!

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Who we are

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Our audience

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Why do we do it

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