Three Best Guinea Pig Food Types

Best Guinea Pig Food

Are you looking for best guinea pig foods that meet the specific dietary requirements and offer substantial nutritional value? You can find an extensive range in the market but finding the right one could be highly challenging.

Although guinea pigs are adaptable creatures with easy-to-satisfy needs, they require nutritious diet for a happy, healthy life. This is why, we have compiled a definitive guide to help you prepare a wholesome diet for your piggies. We’ll talk about a list of best foods available in the market, factors to consider when buying food for cavies and common questions you may have as guinea pig parents.

What Should You Feed Your Little Cavy

Best Guinea Pig Eats Pellets

Guinea pigs make an adorable pet due to their friendly nature and malleable personality but their diet requires excessive care. You little cavies are prone to develop digestion problems that can even dull their fur coat.

While feeding fruits and vegetables seems to be a complete diet but it only covers a small portion of the food regimen. Guinea pigs require different kinds of proteins and vitamins to lead a healthy, restorative life. With the right knowledge about different food types and nutrition requirements, you’ll be able to design a comprehensive diet for your little piggies and ensure them 10 years full life.

Since your piggy friends are picky eaters, they can select what to eat and leave food they don’t like or enjoy. But as a responsible cavy-parent, you need to ensure that your buddy is getting all the required nutrients and minerals through their diet.

Typically, grass makes up the majority of their natural diet but they also need ample of Vitamin C that their body can’t synthesize on its own. A great way to boost is by increasing the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, broccoli, spinach, carrot and celery.

Moreover, the guinea pig teeth will grow throughout their life and therefore, they require hard food to gnaw and nibble. Pellets and hay are a perfect choice for them but they do, however chew on plastic, rubber and cloth to satiate itchy gum.

Due to continuous growth, it is essential to feed them a variety of food times providing them the right mixes of nutrition and goodness. We have reviewed dozens of different food formulations before devising this comprehensive list of items.

The objective is to guide you with the best guinea pig foods to provide high-quality diet each day ensuring your pet’s optimum health.

Best Guinea Pig Food Types

As we discussed earlier, guinea pigs require a wide variety of food types to facilitate their growth. Aside from fresh grass, fruits, vegetables and hay, you can buy commercially produced items such as pellets. Regardless of what you choose to buy, keep few things in mind:

  • Avoid colorful food items
  • Vitamin C rich diet
  • Chemical, preservative and artificial flavoring free food items

So, here we have listed three best types of food suitable for guinea pigs of all ages.




Good quality guinea pig pellets, also called nuggets, are essential for your adorable cavy. It is rich in proteins, fiber and other nutrients essential to keep the bones and teeth strong. By nourishing the skin, pellets improve the luminosity of the fur coat.

Grass Hay

Grass Hay


Around 80% of the guinea pig diet comprises of fresh hay that offers essential nutrients and helps in grinding teeth. Due to its high fiber content, hay improves digestion while keeping them active. For lactating mothers and very young guinea pigs, legume hays should be chosen for its high protein and calcium content.

Dried Food

Dried Food


Pre-packaged dried foods contain a cocktail of fruits, vegetables, hay and other items to provide a wholesome balanced diet. Due to its palatable taste, dried foods are ideal treats to guinea pigs offering them a punch of flavorful nutrients and minerals. Therefore, they are widely used during training sessions.

A Comparative Analysis of Best Pellet Foods in 2024

The table contains a comparative analysis of leading pellets brands manufactured to offer ample vitamin C and helps grind teeth. Here, we have compared basic features such as ratings, price and nutritional value to assist you picking the one that best suits your needs.

Oxbow Guinea Pig Food Best Pellets 9.8 Average price 26% Fiber 2.5% Fats 12% Proteins4 lbs
Kaytee Fiesta Guinea Pig Food 9.3 Average price 14% Fiber 5% Fats 16.5% Protein2.5 - 25 lbs
Kaytee Supreme Guinea Pig Food 9.2 Average price 16% Fiber 3% Fat 18% Protein5 lbs
Supreme Guinea Pig Food 8.9 High price 15% Fiber 4% Fat 16% Protein4 - 8.8 lbs
Higgins Guinea Pig Food Mix 8.8 Average price 18% Fiber 2% Fat 14% Protein1 - 3 lbs

Oxbow Animal Health Garden Select Adult Guinea Pig Food

Oxbow Animal Health Garden Select Adult Guinea Pig Food
: 26% Fiber 2.5% Fats 12% Proteins
: 4 lbs
9.8 - ratingAverage price Best Pellets

Oxbow is a leading brand offering premium-quality daily meals packed with nutritious and wholesome ingredients. Each bag contains hand-selected hays and other healthy constituents to provide your little piggies nourishing and healthy diet.

This flavorful and aromatic Oxbow Garden Select Guinea Pig Food is a delightful treat that your small pet would never want to miss! Made out of a various ingredients including yellow pea, tomato, rosemary and thyme among others, Oxbow Garden Select is delectable meal while the combination of different type of hays makes it an energy-packed daily food.

Rosemary and Thyme gives it a distinctive savory flavor while yellow pea offers the perfect combination of vitamins proteins minerals and a rich source of fiber. Nothing speaks fresh like a garden more than tomatoes. It also provides essential fatty acids, and antioxidant, thus a vital ingredient in most garden select diet.

We’ve got extensive positive reviews online for the quality and taste. Customers have reported the flavorsome pellet is well-loved by the pickiest piggies. Mixing them with other pellets enhances the taste while giving them a healthy, nutritious punch of hay and vegetables.

It also gives them ample Vitamin C that cavies so much need. The high-quality ingredients mimic the flavors and nutrition piggies find in their forage environment. Having hay as the first ingredient, it provides substantial amount of fiber for energetic and fit life. High in fiber, it keeps the digestive and immune system super strong and running.

Meanwhile, the low amount of calcium also ensures your pet won’t be getting chubby or developing any other health complication. If you’re looking for a natural food that has less chemicals and excellent food quality, the Oxbow Garden Select s your best bet. This non-GMO based food offers all the health benefits any organic feed has while staying flavorful.

Moreover, the product is reasonably priced, making it light on the pocket. Even if you’re living outside America, you can shop it from Amazon or any other pet food online store. The delivery time is also quite fast! The product is nutritionally wholesome, well-balanced and flavor-packed diet that vets around the globe recommend for small pets.

Key feature

  • Non-GMO formula
  • Made with hand-selected tomatoes, yellow pea, thyme, rosemary and three different hay types
  • Natural source of vitamins, minerals, fiber and essential fatty acids
  • 1 year of expiry date after opening
  • Uniform pellets with rugged edges perfect for gnawing


  • Healthy and nutritious
  • Flavorful and aromatic delight
  • Free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives
  • Readily available online
  • High-quality and consistently sized


  • Comes in small packaging
  • Suitable for adults only

Kaytee Fiesta Guinea Pig Food

Kaytee Fiesta Guinea Pig Food
: 14% Fiber 5% Fats 16.5% Protein
: 2.5 - 25 lbs
9.3 - ratingAverage price

If you’re a Guinea Pig pet owner, you must be looking for a healthy, well-balanced diet meal. Have you tried Kaytee Fiesta Guinea Pig Food? It is a wholesome blend of fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains providing the right amount of nutritional value that your piggles need.

Enriched with prebiotic and probiotic ingredients, the fiesta diet contains different shapes, flavors and texture that your cavy will definitely enjoy. Its multiple diet variety also boosts digestive health while adding luster to the furs.

It also strengthens teeth and gums by offering various textured food items to promote natural chewing ability and mental stimulation. The ingredients offer nutritional enrichment and thus are vet recommended.

Fiesta consists of all the essential ingredients that your piggy requires for a healthy life. Balanced Omega 3 and polyunsaturated fatty acids maintain the sheen of the coat while antioxidants improve immunity and digestive strength. The company’s years of experience bolsters through the kind ingredients selected to design a comprehensive diet and hence recommended by vets.

Although the brand claims ideal freshness of the naturally preserved ingredients, recently complaints have been reported. Many have received opened packaged and too much of hay dust contents in the bag. Besides that, most of the guinea pigs love this fortified blend of fruits, vegetables and multiple other ingredients.

The colorful variety makes it a fun that cavies enjoy and gobble up in no time. Meanwhile, the different ingredients offer a wide array of health benefits including Vitamin C, proteins, fiber and antioxidants. The flavorsome delight is quite addictive as guinea pigs wouldn’t want anything else, once they’re used to Kaytee Fiesta.

While the bag is small, but the contents are enough to last for a long time and thus you don’t have to run to store after every few days. However, if your little furry friend is a picky eater, he will chow down his favorite ingredients while leaving the healthy ones out.

Moreover, the product is fairly priced and therefore, doesn’t overburden your budget, keeping in view the amount of health content it offers. Since it’s naturally preserved, manufacturer recommends tight reseal once the bag is open and refrigerate for long-term use.

Key feature

  • Multiple shapes and textures for teeth strengthening
  • Colorful contents to make it a fun food for piggies
  • Fortified blend of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds for healthy, balanced diet
  • Veterinarian Recommended food
  • Designed to improve gut health


  • Promotes energetic and active lifestyle
  • Excellent nutritional enrichment
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Specie specific contents
  • Gourmet variety of ingredients


  • Recent complains about quality
  • Unsuitable for picky eaters
  • Some ingredients such as corns are hard to chew

Kaytee Supreme Guinea Pig Food

Kaytee Supreme Guinea Pig Food
: 16% Fiber 3% Fat 18% Protein
: 5 lbs
9.2 - ratingAverage price

Keep your guinea pig stomach full with the healthy mix of Kaytee Supreme Guinea Pig Food. Formulated with a wholesome blend of wheat, hay, oats and corns as top ingredients, it provides substantial amount of fiber for bustling energy throughout the day.

Offering a significant amount of proteins, mineral, vitamins and magnesium, Kaytee Supreme is an ideal diet for your little furry buddies. The balance of natural seeds, grains, and pellets provides a flavorsome, aromatic and nutritious diet that your small pet requires on daily basis.

Moreover, the contents are free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives to ensure maximum health benefits. A great source of Vitamin C, the diet is essential for the overall well-being of your pet. Moreover, the brand promotes excellent quality and thus ensures all dietary requirements are met.

Although naturally preserved, the bag needs to be stored properly for maximum freshness. You can find it in multiple sizes, ranging from 5 to 25 pounds.

The product has garnered multiple positive reviews online from loyal customers across the globe. Its well-preserved content offer same goodness as fresh fruits and vegetables, making the transition quick and easy. Pair it up with some hay and other foods to offer your little piggies wholesome nutritious diet to enjoy.

The 25 pound bag contains substantial amount of ingredients to last for months even if you’ve couple of piggles to care for. However, vets recommend supplementing the diet with fresh food and plentiful water for overall well-being.

Though quite plain and flavor-free, piggies aren’t very inclined towards the food but once they get used to it, they enjoy its nutritious value. Packed with alfalfa hay, the pellets are perfect for young cavies, pregnant and lactating mother.

Furthermore, the brand offers nominal prices and quick delivery; thus offering great hopping experience. You may notice few complaints related to the plainness of the food but being a chemically-free diet, it’s a healthy option for your little furry buddies. Since it’s naturally preserved, the product should be utilized within a month or stored in a refrigerator for maximum freshness.

Key feature

  • High-quality nutritious pellets
  • Perfect combination of proteins, fiber and many other nutrients
  • Free of preservatives or any other chemicals
  • Contains natural seeds and grains
  • Zero artificial fillers


  • Nutritious ingredients for healthy growth
  • Exceptionally nutritious for young and pregnant guinea pigs
  • Vitamin C boost to maintain coat health
  • Comes in variety of sizes
  • Affordable option


  • Unsuitable for large male guinea pigs
  • Bland in taste
  • No aroma to entice piggies

Supreme Science Selective Guinea Pig Food

Supreme Science Selective Guinea Pig Food
: 15% Fiber 4% Fat 16% Protein
: 4 - 8.8 lbs
8.9 - ratingHigh price

A nutritionally balanced diet for guinea pigs, Supreme Science Selective is a tasty, wholesome pellet. It contains natural ingredients such as fennel, dandelion, linseed and nettle essential for your piggies health. Offering a combination omega 3 and essential fatty acids, it regulates coat shine and luster while maintaining fur thickness and color along with promoting a healthy skin.

Being fiber enriched, the pellets ensure healthy teeth and strong digestive system whereas Vitamin C strengthens immunity level. The uniform nugget shape pellets prevents selective eating; therefore, you adorable cavies finish the bowl without any hassle.

Moreover, the delicious dandelions, fennel and nettle improve taste, healthy nutrients and also add aroma to the food. Meanwhile, the sugar-free content and exclusion of artificial flavors ensure maximum dental health and oral care. Being low on calcium, the meal is perfect for adult cavies as it protects them from various health complications.

The product has mostly earned 5 stars on online review sites for quality, nutritional value, taste and pricing. This complete diet is loved for its ingredients as they ensure lesser tummy upset or bloating incidents among piggies.

Even the nuggets are perfectly sized so that your pet doesn’t suffer or find it too hard to eat. Therefore, they quickly finish it without being picky. The aromatic and flavorsome content ensure your pet finishes his food without the need for treats.

Its crunchy texture improves strength, dental hygiene and oral health and therefore, piggies enjoy munching on it. The extra hard coarseness promotes chewing activity, which is great for teeth grinding and growth.

A bit pricey product but comes at the right value because of the amount nutritional goodness it offer. It’s also good with their weight and keeps them fit throughout their life. Also, high fiber and Vitamin C combination allows your piggles to maintain the energy level.

Furthermore, the bag is also re-sealable, which makes storing and keeping the product fresh, quite easy. With so many health benefits and great taste, Supreme Selective is the favorite meal of most guinea pigs and the right price makes it the best choice for pet owners.

Key feature

  • Contains a blend of natural herbs
  • Hay-based pellets
  • Bite-sized for quick and easy eating
  • Contains linseed and fennel to improve skin health
  • Hard texture is good for teeth strength and growth


  • Balanced nutritional diet
  • Prevents selective eating habits
  • Sustain healthy skin and fur
  • Enhances chewing ability and mental stimulation
  • Great taste, aroma and quality of food


  • Ideal for breeding cavies
  • Slightly expensive

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Guinea Pig Food Mix

Higgins Sunburst Gourmet Guinea Pig Food Mix
: 18% Fiber 2% Fat 14% Protein
: 1 - 3 lbs
8.8 - ratingAverage price

Does your little fur-baby gets excited to see a bowl full of Higgins Sunburst Gourmet food mix? It’s a premium blend dried mixed fruits, vegetables, sun-cured hays and pre-cooked legumes. The food pack is designed to meet the specific diet requirements and taste preference of your picky eater.

Formulated with vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber and antioxidants, it’s a perfect mix for the digestive health and immune system. Moreover, Omega-3 and essential poly unsaturated fats provide the right nutrients to the skin and fur coat.

Higgin Sunburst offers the most natural goodness than any other in the market while premium-quality ingredients serve a healthy treat to these little animals. Moreover, it’s free of artificial flavors, additives and food colors, making it a choicest meal for cavies.

The product has received highest ratings on online reviews for its great taste and value. It’s thoroughly enjoyed by the pickiest eaters as the pellets are carefully fortified with select ingredients. It contains all the healthy nutrients, necessary for the growth and well-being of your furry friend.

The chunky fruits and pea flakes make it an ideal meal, giving them the right amount of energy and goodness for the day. The extra seeds, fruits and snacks strengthen the gut while offering great taste. This flavor-packed pellet tantalizes the taste buds while giving them a balanced nutritional diet.

However, some have complained of runny stomach and stench poop; however, it settles down after continuous use. The food mix works as a perfect treat and supplements well with other high quality main dry food items.

Although slightly overpriced, this fun-filled delight is the right value for money. Also, the bag has ample content to last for months. The chewy texture is quite helpful to maintain the growth and hygiene of their teeth. But, it is recommended as a supplementary treat and not the main course meal for it forage blend.

Key feature

  • Contains a blend of fruits, seeds and vegetables
  • Flaky, chewy treat that most guinea pigs love
  • Specie-specific ingredients provide all the natural goodness
  • Rich in minerals and amino acids
  • Preservative free, healthy food mix


  • Flavorful, balanced diet
  • Wide array of forage offers different texture and tastes
  • Good for teeth and digestive system
  • Guinea pigs favorite food
  • Right mix of nutrition, taste and quantity


  • Overpriced
  • Works well as a supplementary treat

A Comparative Analysis of Best Hay

Fresh grass hay is important for your piggies’ digestive system. But if you are overwhelmed with the choices, then here we have a comparison table of four best hay brands available in the market. It entails prices, customer rating, nutritional value and package sizing.

Kaytee Timothy Hay Best Grass Hay 9.4 High price 32% Fiber 1% Fat 6% Protein96 oz - 12 lbs
Farm to Pet Timothy hay 9.3 Average price 8 Pounds
Rabbit Chew Ball Timothy Grass Grinding 9.0 Low price 6.38 - 11.22 Ounces
Oxbow Animal Health Oat Hay 8.7 Low price 32% Fiber 1.5% Fat 7% Protein0.94 Pounds

Kaytee Timothy Hay

Kaytee Timothy Hay
: 32% Fiber 1% Fat 6% Protein
: 96 oz - 12 lbs
9.4 - ratingHigh price Best Grass Hay

This highly nutritious timothy hay is a high fiber treat for small mammals such as chinchillas, rabbits, and guinea pigs. Give your pet a punch of high-quality timothy hay to support the digestive food, trim teeth, and satisfy their cravings.

Works as a primary food, it makes the 75% of their daily diet to give them the right amount nutrients. Its long strands ensure your furry friend makes less mess while savoring the food. The sun dried hay perfectly wears down the plaque and promote excellent oral hygiene. Grown in ideal ecological conditions for maximum moisture control, the hay is naturally-preserved for ideal freshness.

Customers have rated Kaytee Timothy Hay as the most nutritious delectable delicacy for their little pets. Guinea pigs enjoy the perfectly sized hay strands with a balanced proportion of stems and leaves, providing them with the best health results.

However, it is quite a pocket-friendly main meal that you can mix with other items such as dried fruits, veggies and mussels for a perfect treat. Its thick, green grass is long and healthy for a vigorous and energy-bursting life.

It contains the perfect ratio of stems and leaves to offer optimal health benefits, essential for energetic lifestyle. The fibrous portion offers right amount of energy levels to keep them active while the flavors entice finickiest of eaters.

Also, the hay is highly aromatic, enticing your small pets to try out these flavorful, nourishing hay strands. However, there are quite a handful of complaints that over dried straws become inedible while the hay dust can aggravate allergies.

The new packaging and content are somewhat of not the same quality as the older version, and thus not as enjoyable as it was. Also, it is difficult to store the hay once opened, which results in a rubbery and stale strands.

Key feature

  • A perfect ratio of stems and leaves
  • Long, green grass with high fiber contents
  • Chewy, sun-cured timothy hay strands
  • Supreme grade contents
  • Pesticide free, non-GMO forage


  • Highly nutritious and wholesome diet
  • Promotes digestive health
  • Strengthen and trim teeth
  • Keeps the piggies energized and fit
  • Fresh, aromatic, appropriately-sized and delicious


  • Difficult to store
  • Declining quality

Farm to Pet “Best” 2nd Cutting Timothy hay

Farm to Pet “Best” 2nd Cutting Timothy hay
: 8 Pounds
9.3 - ratingAverage price

It is the best Timothy Hay blend having a perfect ratio soft stems and flowers to offer wholesome nutrition. The soft, crunchy texture is ideal for birds and small mammals including chinchillas, rabbit and guinea pigs. Made of all-natural, chemical-free, the sun-cured timothy hay offers fun eating regimes while stimulating their appetite.

The leafy stems offer right amount of fiber content essential to maintain energy levels for the day. It satisfies the finickiest of eaters providing them a real punch of flavors and nutrition, necessary for your munchkin’s health. It’s the absolute gold standard timothy hay, when it comes to meet the nutritional requirements.

Unique packaging often confuses the consumers with poor quality but it is the best soft second-cutting hay. Customers have rated it as a great primary feed option for their small piggies due to its vibrant green leaves and soft, chewy stems.

The strands are uniformly sized to satiate the picky eaters, who would otherwise leave thick, tough stalks. It’s best known for its supreme quality and great value for money that every bunny and cavy enjoys eating.

It also smells fine which attracts the picky eaters and stimulates their appetite and therefore, you little cavies will gobble it down quickly. The texture is also perfect, promoting extra chewing for oral hygiene without making it too difficult to eat.

Its compact packaging allows the manufacture to put as much hay as possible in the box while making storage easy to preserve freshness.

Since, it is second cut timothy hay so customers often find less leaves than presumed. This leads to disappointment among new buyers but 2nd cut offers great fiber nourishment, essential for active piggies. Also, some also find it an expensive deal as the price is higher than standard timothy hay.

Key feature

  • Second cut hay
  • Not too fragrant
  • Soft, chewy and long
  • Supreme grade contents
  • Natural and chemical free contents


  • Highly nourishing and complete primary fodder
  • Improved gut health and oral hygiene
  • Increases energy levels for fit lifestyle
  • Easy to eat to stimulate hunger
  • Green and fresh


  • Unique packaging confuses customers of the quality
  • Highly-priced

Rabbit Chew Ball Timothy Grass Grinding

Rabbit Chew Ball Timothy Grass Grinding
: 6.38 - 11.22 Ounces
9.0 - ratingLow price

The Natural Timothy Grass ball is a multifunction, eco-friendly ball suitable for eating and playing. Handwoven, it offers highest level of fiber to improve dental health and mental stimulation for hours. It gives them ample grass, leaves and stems to nibble on for hours to prevent boredom while offering the right amount of nutritional value.

Its sweet smell stimulates hunger and thus encourages you little piggies to delightfully savor the bowl full of timothy hay. It is also free of chemicals and preservatives make it the best choice for your small pets. The chewy hay grass ball is tightly woven and tied into a toy ball for fun meal time.

Customers love it for its exceptional nutritional value while also keeping the cavies entertained and stimulated for hours. It breaks the boredom while keeping them active, fit and energized for a maximum lifespan.

As the grass ball keeps the guinea pig entertained, they quickly finish it without causing any mess or waste. They are nice and sturdy, which means they won’t open even after hours of playing while enticing the pickiest eaters.

The extra depth of the grass ball also increases dental health and keeps the teeth at the optimum length, due to extra chewing. Packed with various nutrients, it also improves the luxure and shine of the fur for a luminous coat.

It also improves the digestive and increases the lifespan of the small mammals with its consistently long and fresh hay stems.

By strengthening the digestive system, these balls also effectively improve the lifespan of small mammals. They are typically the most enjoyable food items but take at least a week to finish, which leaves to the development of stinky odor. You may end up throwing it away due to the pungent smell, making you regret the amount of money you spent.

Key feature

  • Handwoven grass ball
  • Free of chemical adhesives
  • Contains an ideal proportion of leaves, hay and stems.
  • 100% natural and preservative free
  • Luscious green and fresh leaves


  • Excellent source of fibers
  • Promotes fun eating
  • Eco-friendly and safe toy
  • Strengthen and trim teeth
  • Kills boredom effectively


  • Pricey choice
  • May discolor due to change in weather

Oxbow Animal Health Oat Hay

Oxbow Animal Health Oat Hay
: 32% Fiber 1.5% Fat 7% Protein
: 0.94 Pounds
8.7 - ratingLow price

Oxbow Oat Hay is all-natural, aromatic Timothy Hay that stimulates the appetite and is suitable for small pets such as chinchillas, rabbits and guinea pigs. The hay is freshly harvested from farms located at climate control, ecological sites.

The contents are hand-sorted and hand-picked to deliver premium quality food to maintain the overall health. The crunchy texture and savory taste makes it a delightful and nutritious delicacy that enhances growth and improves digestive strength. The oat hay is harvested before the hay turns into crunchy seeds, to provide flavorsome and fiber enriched husks.

Overall, Oxbrow has received numerous stars and positive ratings online but its Oat Hay is the most-loved product. Guinea pigs love the flavorful, savory husks and relish it as a complete main meal to keep them strong and energetic throughout the day.

Experts claim that animals consuming a variety of hay live longer, healthier and more energized. Over the past three decades, Oxbow has specialized in providing fresh and nutritious meals containing age-specific and specie-suitable contents ideal for small pets.

The oat hay is typically manufactured for malnourished and sick piggies suffering from arthritis or any other ailment. The right amount of nutrients and soft texture makes oat hay a perfect choice for a well-balanced, easy-to-eat diet.

Not only the oat hay keeps you fit but also promotes weight gain by offering right amount of fiber and polyunsaturated fats. Your piggy will definitely enjoy the variety of flavor and texture that the oat hay offers.

The extra width of the oat hay improves dental health and trimming due to extra chewing while also maintain the allure of fur coat. The re-sealable zip also ensures the hay is easy to store while remaining fresh and green over the months.

Key feature

  • Soft and crunchy texture
  • Suitable for small mammals
  • Hand-sorted and hand-picked hay strands
  • Chemical and preservative free forage
  • Fresh from the ecologically controlled farms


  • Ensures premium quality
  • Fiber rich diet
  • Great for digestive system, oral health and coat luminosity
  • Savory, flavorsome delight
  • Re-sealable package


  • Some bags have extra-long strands
  • Available in 15 ounce of packaging

A Comparative Analysis of Best Dried Food

Kaytee Timothy Hay Cubes Best Dried Food 9.7 Average price 30% Fiber 1% Fat 10% Protein9% Fiber 5% Fat 14.5% Protein
Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Bits 9.5 High price 9% Fiber 5% Fat 14.5% Protein4.5 lbs

Kaytee Timothy Hay Blend Cubes

Kaytee Timothy Hay Blend Cubes
: 30% Fiber 1% Fat 10% Protein
: 9% Fiber 5% Fat 14.5% Protein
9.7 - ratingAverage price Best Dried Food

Compressed blocks of sun-cured timothy and alfalfa hay, Kaytee Blend Cubes are an ideal treat for rabbits and guinea pigs. They are high source of fiber and calcium to provide a punch of nutrients and flavors to growing and lactating cavies.

It strengthens the digestion process, improve oral health and satisfy their chewing needs. These fortified blocks complement any primary meal to provide complete nourishment. The right amount of calcium dose supports the urinary health in babies and pregnant mothers.

Made of sun-cured hay, they contain zero artificial flavorings and preservative. These high-quality cubes are a delicious treats that prevent obesity in your pets.

Customers recommend hay cubes for their high protein and fiber value as it provides the right nourishment to growing piggies. The hay cubes are super moist, compact and dense to aid the natural teething process.

They are fun for piggies as they can munch and play with it at the same time. It improves their appetite and entice them, thus the pickiest eaters even enjoy Kaytee timothy hay blend cubes. They also enjoy the taste while the hard pressed blocks give good workout to the teeth, ideal for trimming and oral health.

It is convenient, delicious, and healthy that your cavies can enjoy in their enclosure and enjoy as a night time snack. They are also suitable for cavies and pet owners having dust allergies that loose hay can aggravate. The compact cubes contain zero powdery contents as alfalfa hay thoroughly bind the particles.

Due to its moist, chewy texture, piggies end up making less mess while strengthening the teeth due to continuous munching. Also, the cubes are ideally priced making it an affordable and healthy treat compared to sweet, colorful pellets.

However, some customers have complained of its deceiving name as the product contains equal amount of alfalfa hay, which is unsuitable for adult piggies. Moreover, the cavies finish it quickly; thus increasing the amount of junk food in their daily diet. As pet owners, you have to give them in controlled amount so that the little mammals get all the right nutrients throughout the day.

Key feature

  • Soft and chewy texture
  • Suitable for growing and lactating piggies
  • Dense and moist hay blocks
  • Chemical and preservative free
  • A perfect blend of timothy and alfalfa hay


  • High-grade forage
  • Highly nutritious and nourishing
  • Aids digestive process, strengthens teeth and satisfy chewing crave
  • Flavorful, moist hay
  • Healthy treat to prevent obesity


  • Misleading name
  • Becomes hard over time

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Healthy Bits Rabbit

Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Healthy Bits Rabbit
: 9% Fiber 5% Fat 14.5% Protein
: 4.5 lbs
9.5 - ratingHigh price

Let your guinea pigs indulge in a crunchy, fun-to eat delight made of nutritious fruits, seeds, nuts and a touch of honey. It’s a delicious, nutritious treat for piggies and other small mammals, offering an enriching playtime experience and thus ideal to build bonding.

These crunchy, nutritious balls also satisfy the chewing needs by providing bite-size morsels of sunflower, peas, papaya, carrots, apples and many more healthy items. It also contains DHA that is good for eyes, brain and heart as it is packed with alfalfa hay to meet the growth requirements in small, baby cavies. It is also good for pregnant and lactating guinea pigs by offering high amount of proteins, fiber and good fats.

Customers love to buy it for their small pets due to its unique taste and high nutritional value. It provides them with a variety of flavors, textures and nutrients, essential for growing and pregnant piggies while spoiling them to the core.

They perfectly complement other primary meals majorly composed of bland hay, making mealtime quite joyous one. Your pet will literally beg for food, if you mix these crunchy treats with other items to give them a blend of nutrients.

Your pet will grab it away and hide somewhere to nosh this delightful treat, GUARANTEED! They are a win-win option for picky eaters as it provides them ample protein, fiber and fats that important to aid their growth, digestive system and oral health.

The crunchy texture promotes excessive chewing, necessary for strong dentals and trim teeth. The sweet flavors and aroma entices the little piggies, boost their appetite, ensuring they will savor it in no time.

Sadly, the food is not a healthy option as it contains seeds, nuts, corns and honey that are unsuitable for little piggies. It is merely JUNK FOOD that your piggy will nosh in no time without getting the right dose of fiber thus you should always pair them up with primary meals. Therefore, you should limit its use to once or twice a week.

Key feature

  • Made of nuts, seeds, fruits and honey
  • An ideal and fun treat
  • Bite-size, crunchy balls
  • Free of artificial flavors
  • Perfect for supplementing primary food


  • Delicious and flavorsome food
  • Boosts appetite
  • Aids dental health and teeth trimming
  • Complements well with other food items
  • Variety of texture


  • Extremely junk with little nutritional value
  • Expensive

Things You Should Know When You Own a Guinea Pig

Who Should Buy Guinea Pig Food

Best Guinea Pig Eats

Those who own or pet guinea pigs should look for the right items to feed the little cavies. If you foster and breed guinea pigs, you would need highly nutritional and energy boosting diet that can improve growth and ensure healthy lifestyle.

Important Features to Consider

  1. Types of Guinea Pig Food

    Typically, guinea pigs are herbivores and therefore, the diet should comprise of high-quality hay, pellets, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Unbalanced diet can cause diarrhea, obesity and other chronic illnesses related to kidneys, heart and liver. If you plan to introduce new food, do it gradually, as abrupt changes can lead to digestive problems. Frequently give filtered, chlorine-free water only to prevent dehydration.

  2. What Guinea Pigs Can Eat

    As discussed earlier, guinea pigs can have vegan diet thus you can include romaine lettuce, carrots, peas, broccoli, Kale and other green vegetables. You should give limited amount of fruits due to high sugar content and add apples, oranges, strawberries, and papaya to meet the Vitamin-C supply.

    To reward them, you also add treats and chewy items as it can strengthen oral care. However, it shouldn’t exceed 10% of the total diet and free from sugar. Grass sticks, balls and hay block are ideal and fun chew to support their ever growing teeth.

  3. What Guinea Pigs Can’t Eat

    There are numerous foods you should avoid giving guinea pigs for various reasons. They can either be poisonous, choking hazard, zero nutritional value, high in fats and sugar and bloating issues. Food items you should avoid are:

    • Chocolate
    • Onion
    • Garlic
    • Mushrooms and iceberg lettuce
    • Seeds and nuts
  4. Scurvy in Guinea Pigs and Importance of Right Diet

    Guinea pigs are at a high risk of developing scurvy as they deficit in developing Vitamin C. Therefore, you should include 30-50 mg of Vitamin C daily in the diet to meet the requirements. Pellets, vitamin-C rich treats are ideal’ you can also supplement it with natural sources such as fruits.

    Common symptoms of scurvy are sneezing, weight and hair loss along with diarrhea. You should instantly take him to the vet for timely medical intervention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Guinea Pig Eats Carrot

What Is The Main Diet Of A Guinea Pig?

Timothy hay is the primary food for guinea pigs as it is rich in fiber, suitable for their active lifestyle.

How Much Hay Do You Feed A Guinea Pig?

You should offer unlimited access to fresh timothy hay as guinea pigs require it to support their digestion process.

What is the favorite food of guinea pig?

Each guinea pig is different and thus their favorite food differs. Generally, its carrot, cucumber and dandelion leaves.

How often should I feed my guinea pig?

You should feed your little cavies twice a day; once in the morning and once in the evening to prevent obesity.

Do guinea pigs need pellets every day?

You should feed 1/8th cup of pellets every day.

Can guinea pigs eat fresh grass?

Although, fresh grass is a good source of nutrition but it may contain parasite eggs thus you piggies will require frequent deworming.

How to introduce new food to guinea pigs?

Serve the new food along with their favorite food items, such as hay, pellets or dry food. Start with a small quantity and gradually increase it to the required amount.

What to do if my guinea pig doesn’t eat?

A guinea pig not eating food is a veterinary emergency as he can experience liver failure within a day. It may be due to dental malocclusion, making it too painful for them to chew food. You can either feed them through a syringe or take them to a vet.

Can you feed other small mammals’ food to guinea pigs?

You should never feed your guinea pigs the diet suitable for other animals including rabbits, rodents, dogs and cats due to their unique nutritional needs and small appetite.

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