15 Cute Gift Ideas for New Cat Moms and Dads

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Your friends are new parents to an adorable feline. They can’t help but gush at how cute she is. You can’t wait to see their new family addition. But, you don’t want to go without the PURRfect gift.

If you are struggling, read on for some gift ideas. We will also share what to consider when shopping for the gift.

The Top 15 Adorable Gift Ideas for New Cat Parents

Stylish Cat Collar

Stylish Cat Collar

A little sophistication never hurt anybody, or cat, for that matter. A cat collar is a fantastic gift for new cat moms and dads.

We especially love these scarf and bow tie combinations.

The tie and scarf set is adjustable, making it ideal for even larger pets like a puppy. It comprises comfortable polyester material. The set is lightweight and will not interfere with the furry bundle of joy movements. The new parents can expect many compliments with a classic plaid that never goes out of style.

Product features

  • The collar fits necks 8-11 inches
  • The material is a high-quality polyester
  • Color – beige, making it great for any gender
  • Adjustable and removable accessories

2. Anti-Anxiety Cat Bed

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Like human beings, animals can also experience levels of stress. Cats are no exception, and the new parents will start to see some patterns of disturbing Behavior. Such include higher aggression, trembling, and an inability to stay still.

A calming bed for cats will soothe the feline and help get rid of anxiety. You will find the perfect gift in the Meowy, anti-anxiety cat bed. Using a Meowy cat bed ensures the feline sleeps better, resulting in good health.

What we love about the Meowy bed is how soft and comfortable it is. The material is high-quality, plush, and very soft.

The calming cat bed will help ease anxiety as the cat adjusts to the new home.

Product features

  • It comes in a variety of sizes, from small to extra large
  • You have a choice of colors
  • The material comprises premium quality nylon fabric with a faux fur exterior
  • Machine wash friendly

3. Scratching Post

Scratching Post

The cute little feline can cause a lot of damage with its claws. By nature, cats will scratch things. It is a way to groom their claws as well as to mark their territory. They love to do it on furniture or parts of the wall.

A scratching post is an excellent gift for new parents. We love this post because it is sturdy. It will not tip over due to the sturdy base. The height allows the cat to stretch to full height. Stretching helps with muscle development.

The assembly process is easy and only requires screws to put together the two pieces.

Product features

  • Height 32 inches.
  • Study base measuring 16 x 16 inches
  • Durable sisal fibrous material
  • Easy to assemble

4. Foldable Cat Tower

Foldable Cat Tower

Help keep the little kitty occupied with this foldable cat tower. It combines a place to play, scratch and sleep, without occupying too much space. When she is done, simply fold it and store it away.

  • Size – 20.25 by 13.75 by 25.5 inches
  • Sisal surface and plush hammock
  • Hand wash, removable cushion

5. Interactive Toys

Interactive Toys

Toys provide an excellent way to keep the little cat occupied. The toys can also spark curiosity and bring out their hunting instincts.

We love the Chiwava 36 Pack as a gift idea for the new cat parents.

The little mice make an ideal companion for indoor cats. The little feline will love this gift.

Product features

  • 36 mice with rattles
  • Furry exterior with plastic interior
  • Size – 1.8 inches
  • Easy to clean

6. Cat-Themed Socks

Cat-Themed Socks

What is better than snuggling up on a comfy seat, stroking your little feline? The purrs of contentment are a sure way to peel off the stress of the day. But, wait, it gets so much better with these cat-themed socks. The new cat mom will absolutely love this gift. Watch everyone’s face light up when they read the message at the bottom.

Product features

  • Socks comprise 76% cotton, 21% Nylon, and 3% spandex
  • Machine wash friendly
  • It comes in an elegant gift box
  • Fits size 6-12

7. Cat Poems Collections

Cat Poems Collections

Do you want to give the new parents a peek into the mind of a cat? If yes, they will love this quirky collection of poems.

Product features

  • Pages- 112
  • Language – English

8. Cat Food Recipe Book

Cat Food Recipe Book

Cat food does not need to always come from a tin. You can help the new cat mom and dad whip up some culinary delights with this cat food recipe book.

The book also gives tips on feeding, foods to avoid, and the best nutrition for sick cats. It also offers pointers on DIY craft projects like making a cat playhouse.

Product features

  • Pages – 112
  • Language – English
  • Recipes – 20

9. Cat Sling Carrier

Cat Sling Carrier

What is more convenient than a hands-free way to carry the little furball? The cat sling carrier is comfortable, no matter how long you wear it. The pouch comprises soft, breathable cotton, ensuring total comfort for the cat.

When your cat is not using it, the smaller dogs can enjoy it as well.

Product features

  • Reversible carrier
  • Comprises soft, breathable cotton that is toxic for you
  • It does not fade over time
  • Thick straps that spread the weight over the shoulders and back

10. Cat Themed To-Do List

Cat Themed To-Do List

The new cat’s mom and dad need a convenient way to remember things. This cat-themed to-do list provides a perfect way to remember. The peeping cat is so cute.

Product features

  • Color pink
  • Size 4 by 6 inches
  • Pages do not bleed when you write on them

11. Pet Photo Pillow

Pet Photo Pillow
p>Don’t just take pictures of the new cat and leave them on the phone or camera. Get the photos turned into custom pillows instead.

How cool would it be to snuggle up to that when the cat does not feel like a cuddle? You know how temperamental they can sometimes be.

Product features

  • Height 19.7 inches
  • Shape – customizable
  • Material- high quality, soft and plush

12. LED Cat Lights

LED Cat Lights

The new feline has a little human sister. The parents say she often snuggles up to the baby in the cot. Help cozy up the nursery with these LED cat lights.

Product features

  • LED
  • Battery-powered
  • Material – silicon and Abs. BPA free and washable
  • Blue light modes – warm and white

13. Cat Themed Wine Holder

Cat Themed Wine Holder

This cat-themed wine holder is such a fabulous gift. There is a lot of detail and workmanship that goes into the design.

You get elegance, fun, and a hint of cheekiness with the slanting cat head. The holder will not rust and is definitely an item to display. We absolutely love this one.

  • Countertop mounting
  • Material – iron
  • Dimensions – 13.7 by 5.98 by 4.61

14. Stemless Wine Glass

Stemless Wine Glass

Are you feeling a bit generous? How about you throw in a couple of wine glasses to go together with the wine holder.

  • Stemless
  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort when holding the glass
  • Laser engraved

15. Best Cat Mum And Dad Mug Set

Best Cat Mum And Dad Mug Set

It isn’t always about the new family members. The parents also need a little pampering with the perfect gift.

What could be cuter than sharing a morning coffee with a cute matching mug set? The new cat’s parents will love this gift.

The classic large letter design of the Ray Dunn collection really stands attractive. It is a fantastic congratulatory gift for the new parents.

Product features

  • Matching set of 2 mugs
  • Machine and microwave friendly
  • Large attractive letter design

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Gift Item for New Pet Owners

Scottish Fold playing with toys

Shopping for new pet owners can be fun. But, the tons of options can get a bit challenging to choose.

Here are some things you can do to make the gift shopping process easier for you.

1. Decide on your budget

Decide how much you want to spend on the cat gift. When you walk into a pet shop, it is easy to pick up many items without realizing how much you will spend.

So, let the budget guide you on what to buy.

2. Do your research

You may have an idea of what you want to get for the new cat parents. But, take the time to shop around and do price comparisons. Fortunately, you have all the resources you need online.

Also, read customer reviews to know that you’re getting quality products.

3. Ask the new pet parents what they want

While it is true that gifts should be a surprise, sometimes it is easier to ask what the new parents want. First-time parents are usually guilty of buying a lot of things due to the excitement. There is no point in getting what they already have.

4. Gift cards and subscriptions can work

Gift cards are a perfect solution if you do not have an idea of what to buy. The new parents can see how best to use the card for what they really need.

Some fantastic apps can help new parents take care of their pets. They help with things like reminders for vet visits, deworming, vaccinations, and so much more.

While some are free, others have paid versions that offer more advanced benefits. Your gift could come in the form of a paid-up subscription plan.

Frequently Asked Questions When Shopping For Pet Gifts

1. Do I have to buy a gift for a new cat parent?

No, you do not. But, a new addition to the family is something to celebrate. It is nice to send a gift, either for the feline or new parents.

2. Can I give cat food as a gift?

Like humans, cats can also have allergies to certain foods. It would be difficult to know what kind of food to buy. In such a case, ask before buying specific foods or brands. The other option is to get the parents a paid-up store card to pick what they want.

3. What are some of the best places to buy gifts for cat parents?

You have the option of physical specialty stores. An alternative is to shop online from places like Amazon. The advantage of the latter is convenience. You don’t need to leave the comfort of your house to go shopping. All you have to do is identify what you want, place an order, and wait for it to arrive.

Kitten sleeping in a box

Final Thoughts

Shopping for the perfect gift for new cat parents can be exciting. We have shared some presents you can consider above. The items are functional and will be a big help to the new parents.

A soothing bed, for example, will help reduce anxiety in the new cat. The furry bundle will find it easier to settle into her new surroundings if she has a little place of her own.

Toys and scratching posts help with mental and physical development. And of course, do not forget to congratulate the new parents as well. Happy shopping.

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