The Complete Guide to Keep Your Pooch Happy

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We always want to see our loved ones happy, including our pooches. As a pet parent, you would always want to see your dog playful, excited, and happy. Most pet owners think that it is an easy job. Feed your pet, play with them, and give them time to rest. That’s it! That’ll keep them happy. Wrong.

Keeping a pet happy goes beyond that. You need to ensure the complete physical and mental well-being of your pet throughout the day to make sure that they are truly happy.

Don’t get scared. Keeping your puppy happy can mean something as simple as spending some time with them snuggling on the couch. Other than that, you can also switch their walk routine to keep things interesting. 

Here’s everything that you need to know to keep your pooch happy.

8 Ways to Keep Your Pooch Happy

As mentioned earlier, keeping a pooch happy can involve something as simple as snuggling and cuddling with them. Here is a look at eight other simple ways to keep them happy.

1. Meet Their Nutritional Needs

Maintaining a nourishing, balanced, and healthy diet can ensure that your pooch is happy. Your pup’s nutritional needs and the corresponding diet will depend on multiple factors. These include your pet’s age, energy levels, daily activities, and allergies(if any). Some common foods that you can feed your pet are:

  • Oatmeal
  • Pumpkin
  • Chicken
  • Cheeses

In addition to these, you can also feed them pet food from a reputable brand to meet their nutritional requirements.

2. Provide Clean and Dry Bedding

The bed is usually a dog’s favorite place. It is also where they spend half of their day sleeping. Naturally, the bed will be covered in drool, hair, food particles, toys, etc. But, what’s concerning is that it can also be a lurking ground for microbes, allergens, and fleas that can make your pet ill and unhappy.

Thus, regularly wash your dog’s bedding to eliminate any disease-causing pathogens that might be present. Similarly, ensure that the bed is dry to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, which again can cause issues.

Moreover, ensure that the dog bed is of high-quality, soft, comfortable, and easy to wash and dry. We recommend that you buy pet supplies, including beds, pillows, and blankets only from reputable businesses and sources. This ensures that your dog always gets the best sleeping and relaxing experience.

3. Take Them Swimming

Two dogs swimming in the lake

Every dog breed loves swimming or activities related to water. Thus, take your dog to your local beach or lake for a fun swimming session once or twice a month. Swimming is fun. It is also the perfect exercise for older dogs with bone and joint issues.

Dogs are notorious for attracting fleas and ticks. This is why bathing your pooch with flea shampoos is vital. Getting rid of fleas will also make sure your dog stays nourished and healthy.

4. Change Their Walking Routine

A monotonous walking routine can get boring after a while. In fact, it will become a dreadful task instead of making your dog happy. Thus, try taking a different route after a couple of days to keep your dog enthusiastic, motivated, and happy.

For instance, visit the local park, try a different neighborhood, or simply follow where your dog takes you.

5. Stimulate Their Mind

Being idle can lead your dog to develop destructive behavior and make them unhappy. Thus, provide your pooch a purpose to keep them occupied and happy. You can do this by giving your dog various activities that keep them busy. These include food puzzle toys, obstacle courses, or learning a new trick.

You should also make sure your dog gets the best training. This should start from a very young age for your pooch. There are tips to successfully train your dog the right way. This can make sure that your dog stays active and occupied.

6. Make Sure They Get to Socialize

Dogs playing with each other

Dogs are social animals and like to be in the company of other dogs. Socializing is one of the easiest ways to keep your dog happy. Take your pooch to meet other dogs. You can visit a dog cafe, dog parks, or set up playdates with other dogs through social media platforms. The goal is to have your pooch near other dogs and interact with them.

Similarly, you can also take your dog to meet other humans, like your friends and family members. Dogs also love to meet, interact, and socialize with humans. So, taking your pet on regular visits to your known circle (and possibly their pets) is also a good option.

7. Schedule Regular Vet Appointments

Routine veterinary care is one of the most important things to do if you want to keep your pooch happy. Vet visits can ensure that your dog’s health, hygiene, and grooming are maintained to the highest standards. This, in turn, will keep your pooch happy.

Make sure to visit a vet every six months if you have a puppy. Similarly, schedule a visit once a year if you have adult puppies under the age of ten.

8. Give Them a Massage

Dogs, like humans, love massages. Similar to us, massages help your pooch relax. They also help to stimulate blood circulation, reduce anxiety and stress, alleviate discomfort, and improve body functions. Lastly, it will also strengthen your bond and relationship with them. Overall, it will make your pet happy.

There is a certain technique to massage your pooch. You can’t massage them like you massage other people. You can read dog massaging methods here.

Four Signs That Your Dog Is Happy

Happy pup being hugged

You have done the things mentioned above to keep your dog happy. But how do you know that your dog is genuinely happy? Well, it’s easy. There are distinct tell-tail signs that your dog shows when they are happy. They are:

  1. Wagging Tail. This is probably the biggest sign that your pooch is happy. They will continuously wag their tails when elated.
  2. Floppy Ears. Floppy ears mean that your pooch’s ears are relaxed and flattened against their head.
  3. Relaxed Body. Your dog will have loose shoulders, soft eyes, and relaxed posture when they are happy.
  4. Playful Mood. Dogs want to play when they are happy. They’ll come to you, leap around, jump, twirl, and run, signaling their happiness.

Parting Thoughts

Keeping your pooch happy is easy but will require continuous effort from your end. A happy dog will mean a happy owner. What techniques were you using to keep your pet happy and entertained? Are there other things that make your pooch happy? Do let us know.

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