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The Scottish Fold is a domestic cat that originated from Scotland. This cat breed has a natural gene mutation which causes its ears to fold back. The very first Scottish Fold cat was a barn cat called Susie from Scotland, in 1961.

10 to 12 inches
8-13 pounds
life span
10-15 years
Affectionate with Family
Amount of Shedding
General Health
Potential for Playfulness
Tendency to Vocalize
Kid Friendly
Friendly Toward Strangers
Easy to Groom
Pet Friendly

Brief History

The Scottish Fold domestic cat came about when Susie, a barn cat, had kittens. Two of them had folded ears like Susie. William Ross, a farmer became a cat parent to one of them and registered the breed with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. (GCCF) This occurred in the U.K in 1966. Ross started a breeding program with the help of a geneticist, Pat Turner. This resulted in 76 kittens, of which 42 were born with folded ears. A simple dominant gene governs ear folding in the Scottish Fold. All Scottish Fold cats share a common ancestry with Susie.

Physical Description

Scottish Fold cat profile

The Scottish Fold kitten is born with straight ears. At around 21 days these ears start to fold. This gives them an “owl-like” look. Those that do not develop an ear fold are named “Straights.” The first Scottish Folds had one ear fold originally. Today they have a double or triple crease due to selective breeding. This causes the ear to lie close to the head. This breed has a large round head, with large, round eyes. The whisker pads are round, and the cheeks are full. This adds to the facial roundness of the Scottish Fold. The ears are folded, yet are able to swivel, lie back, and perk up to listen. This is a medium-sized cat, that is round.

The Fold’s nose is short, and has a slight curve. The body is round, with legs that are medium-sized to short. The head is dome shaped, and the neck is short. The eyes are broadly spaced, and the expression sweet. With a coat that is long or short-haired, the Fold has many coat colors and coat combinations, including white. Short-haired Folds have dense and fluffy fur, with long-haired Folds having longer fur. Long-haired Folds are called the Highland Fold.


Scottish Fold Sit

The Scottish Fold is a sweet and calm cat breed. This cat breed does well with people, gentle dogs, other cats, and animals. This cat breed enjoys standing on their hind legs to peer at the world. The Scottish Fold is a relaxed and gentle cat breed that enjoys human companionship. This breed does best indoors, and does well with apartment or home living. The Scottish Fold cat breed enjoys hanging out next to you by your computer or on the couch. He will follow you around the house, and snuggle on your lap. The Scottish Fold prefers a quiet environment that is environmentally stimulating. Cat toys are a preference for this very intelligent cat breed that loves to play or go for a walk on a cat leash.

The Scottish Fold needs to be in a safe, cat friendly environment that is beneficial to its temperament. This wonderfully gentle cat breed does well with adoring cat parents, and should not be around aggressive dogs or rambunctious children, since they tend to enjoy a peaceful environment. This breed can be taught to bring back cat toys when called. Leash walking is also popular with this cat breed that is very curious and intelligent. This cat breed is easy to live with, as they are not overly vocal or quirky.

Positive clicker training with rewards works best with the Scottish Fold to prevent excessive scratching in the wrong places. This breed learns quickly, and is wonderful to live with. Providing your cat with scratching posts, clean litter boxes, stimulating and safe cat toys, help to ensure a well-balanced and confident Scottish Fold!

Special Needs

Scottish Fold Cat

All cats are mainly solitary hunters, and some may require time spent alone. Most cat breeds are affectionate and thrive for attention from their feline parents, but on their own terms. The Scottish Fold, like all cats, is sensitive to smell, and will try cover up bad smells. That said, all domestic cats like the Fold, are still “mousers”, and will enjoy playing mouse with their cat toys and pet parents. Consider setting aside playtime with your Scottish Fold to ensure bonding through playtime.

The Scottish Fold is sensitive and quiet. It is a breed that does well with either apartment or house living. This cat breed does best as an indoor cat. The Fold thrives on affection, and plenty of cat toys. The Scottish Fold needs to be indoors during the hot summer months, as it is may be heat sensitive. It is a wonderfully easy cat breed to live with, but does need mental stimulation. This cat breed gets bored when alone for long periods of time. Consider getting a best friend for your Scottish Fold if you’re out at work all day!

Exercising your Scottish Fold may be more challenging, yet cat parents can do so by purchasing certain cats toys to promote exercise. Litter box training needs to start during kittenhood. All cats are super clean animals, so it is very easy to litter box train. Litter boxes for cats need to be kept clean, or your cat may not use it. These should be kept in a low traffic area of your home that is easily accessible to your cat.

All cats will need parasite control and routine health care throughout its life. This means vaccinating your cats. This is an important part of keeping your cats healthy throughout their lives. Your cat will also need to be spayed or neutered. Consult with your veterinarian, and always consider veterinary health insurance for your cat. Special care needs to be given to health needs.

Possible Health Concerns

The Scottish Fold is a healthy and moderately active cat breed that may be susceptible to the following health conditions:

  • Polycystic Kidney Disease: This occurs when the polycystic kidney has numerous cysts within the functioning part of the kidney resulting in enlarged kidneys. Consult with your veterinarian if your cat vomits frequently, has a decreased appetite, and increased thirst or urination.
  • Osteochondrodysplasia: (OCD) This is a developmental abnormality that affects bone and cartilage in the Scottish Fold cat breeds. All folded breeds are affected by OCD. OCD is the reason the ear folds in this cat breed. It can also affect the limbs, and cause distortion with extreme pain and arthritis. OCD has been seen as early as 8 weeks in kittens, and continues throughout a cat’s life. Symptoms are chronic pain and lameness. Consult with your veterinarian.


Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold cat breed needs daily exercise combined with plenty of mental stimulation through active play and interaction with people. Cat parents can use cat toys like the Mousr or Cat Dancer to get their cats to play. This will encourage your cat to play. Finding a variety of mentally stimulating cat toys will allow for your Fold to lead a well-balanced life, with the right amount of exercise and mental stimulation. Cat harnesses also allow for daily walks. These need to be gradually introduced.

This cat breed is a sweet and relaxed cat breed that does well in most cat friendly environments. That said, this cat breed still needs to play and interact with people., and should not be left alone all day. Cat gyms, cat scratchers, and interactive cat toys within a cat friendly home environment work best for this fabulous cat breed.

Look out for the latest cat toys like Ripple rug play mats, the Feather Whirls, pet cube toys, food trees, turbo scratcher toys, cat companion interactive toys, and electronic motion toys. All these and many more will keep your Scottish Fold kitty entertained when you’re out and about.

Poly Rattan weaved cat scratchers make for longer lasting cat scratching posts. They are more durable, and built to last. Hemp toys for cats are irresistible. Some come with colorful feathers and hemp cord allowing for longer playtime with your feline. Chasing, hunting, and attacking toys are some of the methods that cats will use when playing with interactive toys. When out shopping for cat toys, opt for safe TPA materials that have no toxic BPA or BHT.


Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold cat breed will need a high-quality diet. That said, a high-quality diet that is appropriate for the specific life stage of the cat is necessary. Protein as an ingredient, needs to come first. Dry cat food is a popular choice because it promotes healthier gums and teeth. Yet wet food is more often recommended by veterinarians because it provides more moisture to cats. Cats don’t drink a lot of water and tend to sometimes get dehydrated. Wet cat food also has its benefits. By choosing a well-known name-brand cat food that has scientific backing, as well as quality control, cat parents can be assured that they are providing a well-balanced diet.

All cat breeds need high-quality fat and protein in their diets. They also need amino acids, including taurine that cannot be found in either human food or dog food. There are also numerous specialty diets for your cat that are formulated specifically for certain medical problems like urinary tract disorder, obesity, or kidney disease.

All cats do well by being fed twice daily. During kittenhood, kittens will need to be fed every few hours. Growing kittens need more calories, nutrients, vitamins, protein, and calories. Your cat should be able to enjoy a peaceful meal in a quiet corner of the house. Some cat parents prefer to leave cat kibble out 24/7. When looking for a high-quality cat food, here’s what to look out for:

  • No low-quality fillers
  • No artificial additives
  • Low grade ingredients or toxic ingredients
  • All cat food has to be meat-based because all cats are carnivores
  • No garlic
  • Plant-based ingredients should be listed after the protein-based ingredients

Consult with your veterinarian for the best dietary advice for your Scottish Fold!


Scottish Fold Watch in camera

The Scottish Fold needs daily grooming to remove shedding hair. This coat is easy to groom, because it is short and dense. Curry brushes help with grooming, and will remove dead hair and debris from your cat’s coat. Grooming needs to be gentle, since all cats dislike having their fur pulled.

Look for high-quality pet products to decrease shedding, and help prevent hairballs. Products like the Furminator will easily groom through your cat’s topcoat, and safely remove dead hair without hurting your cat. Soft tip massagers, deluxe nail trimmers, and de-shedding tools all help make cat grooming so much easier.

All cat breeds will groom themselves several times throughout the day. Daily grooming is necessary because it limits the amount of hair that your cat will consume. This helps limit the development of hairballs. Your cat will enjoy being groomed. Coat hair always looks best during the cold winter months. Cats that have been spayed or neutered will have great coats year- round. This is because hormonal changes in cats affects coat length and thickness. Daily cleaning with pet wipes beneath the tail is necessary.

Ears should be checked weekly for cleanliness and sensitivity. If there is a build-up of wax and dirt, organisms can lead to an ear infection. Consult with your veterinarian about safe and gentle ear cleaning techniques. Nail trimming is necessary every few weeks. Eyes should also be cleaned gently every morning with cotton wool or a soft wipe. Each eye should be cleaned with different wipes or cotton balls to avoid eye infection contamination in both eyes.

Adopting a Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold kittens

Scottish Fold cats are kind and sweet natured, and are easy to live with. These are very affectionate cats that will follow you around the house. These beautiful cats are docile, and adapt easily to new environments. Without a doubt, it is the Scottish Fold’s easy-going temperament that earns them a favorite spot in every cat lover’s heart as best feline companions.

The Scottish Fold deserves the very best home with caring feline pet parents that are geared towards their cat’s needs. This breed is loyal and fun to be around. They make for great companions. That said, it does best as an indoor cat breed.

As with all cats, it’s necessary to consider pet insurance for your cat. Too many cat parents wait until a serious medical issue affects their pets, only to find out that they cannot afford the veterinary care. Make certain that you are able to afford good feline care before adopting your Scottish Fold.

Before bringing your cat home, locate both an emergency and regular veterinarian. Prepare your home by removing all dangerous and toxic items. Your cat needs to be in a safe place when home. Your cat will also need to be protected from household hazards, most especially electrical cables, poisonous plants, medication, and open windows. As usual, make sure that children are always gentle and quiet around your new cat, and that all dogs and other pets are not cat aggressive.

Give your Scottish Fold cat plenty of time to adjust to his new surroundings. As with any cat adoption, make sure that you have the time and resources to take good care of your cat!

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