Which Fish is Lucky For Home?

If you are thinking about getting a new fish for your aquarium, you may wonder which one is lucky for you.


There are several reasons why certain fish are considered lucky and which ones aren’t.

These include their unique appearance, ferocious nature, and even their color. Here are some tips to make your aquarium luckier.

Dragon Shrimp

Dragon Shrimp is a multi-purpose and versatile fish that is native to Southeast Asia, near Malaysia and Indonesia.

Dragon Shrimp

They are said to bring good luck and financial success, and are a great addition to any aquarium.

Dragon shrimp are great for beginners and advanced fish keepers alike, and you can make them your lucky charm fish by incorporating them into your aquarium.

Flower horn fish

Adding a Flower horn fish to your aquarium can bring you positive vibes.

Flower horn fish

Their pinkish red color is energizing and can make your day! However, you need to care for them properly in order to ensure longevity and good luck.

Here are some tips to keep them healthy and happy.

The first thing you should do is separate male and female Flowerhorns. They can be aggressive towards each other when in pairs.

To prevent this from happening, keep male and female Flowerhorns separate in different tanks. You can also separate the male and female using a plastic sheet.

Once the spawning process is complete, separate the male and female.

The Flower Horn fish is known as a good luck and prosperity fish. They come in vibrant colors and symbolize prosperity and abundance.

They are said to expel negative energy from your home and replace it with good ones. They are also related to the Black Moor Goldfish.

Guppy fish

Guppy fish is a very easy-to-care-for fish that is a good choice for the home.

Guppy fish

Its low sensitivity to water quality makes it an excellent choice for the home, as it is a good mosquito-control fish.

However, keep in mind that it is also susceptible to fungus infections if not kept in a healthy environment. Guppy fish can be purchased at your local pet store or hatchery.

Guppies are small fish that live in groups. Their natural diet is small organisms and moss. Their reproductive cycle is also short, which means that they can breed quickly and multiply their numbers.

The guppies are considered lucky for home aquariums as they are believed to bring prosperity to their owners.

Red Arowana

The red arowana is one of the most beautiful and popular arowanas, found in coastal and freshwater areas across Southeast Asia.

Red Arowana

It grows up to 41 inches long and is considered a lucky fish. Its bright red color is reminiscent of dragons in Chinese mythology.

Due to conservation efforts, some countries in Asia have banned the export of the red arowana.

This auspicious fish is an excellent choice for any home. It can help you make more money, and it is auspicious to place a statue of this fish in the northeast, southeast, or southwest zone.

It is also a great decorative piece to place near a door or on a nearby shelf.


Goldfish is one of the most helpful fish for boosting the good luck of your home.


This small fish is considered the most prosperous and sacred of all fish. When you place one in your house, it will reflect the abundance of gold in your life.

It is best to place multiples of three, but even a single one will activate the chi energy in the room.

You should feed the goldfish daily, and you should try not to handle them. This is because goldfish waste contains toxins, which can damage the gills and brain.

The waste of goldfish is broken down by bacteria that live in freshwater ponds or lakes. However, the goldfish waste contains germs that can cause illness and can contaminate the water.


Incorporating any of these fish into your home can bring you good luck.

Each type of fish has different lucky qualities, so choose the ones that resonate with you the most. With proper care, your fish will thrive and bring you years of good fortune.

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