7 Reasons Why Your Cat Needs a Fountain

cat drinking from a fountain

If you are a cat parent, you know cats are picky drinkers and it is difficult to keep them hydrated. Cats don’t drink enough water, and this puts them at risk of kidney and urinary tract illnesses. Keeping your cat hydrated is essential to prevent all these health problems.

Many cat lovers use traditional water bowls. On the contrary, cats love drinking running water. This explains why you find them drinking from a faucet. According to cats, running water is safe than stagnant water in a bowl.

Since most cats love drinking from running water, getting a water fountain for your cat can be a brilliant idea. Keep reading to find out the main reasons why your cat needs a fountain!

Signs That Show Your Cat Can Benefit From a Water Fountain

There are several indicators that your furry friend can benefit from a water fountain. If you see your cat exhibiting the following behaviors, buying a water fountain can encourage him to stay hydrated.

  • Your cat doesn’t like the water bowl and looks at the bowl and leaves.
  • You always find your cat on the counter trying to drink water from the faucet.
  • If your cat has a chronic medical condition like kidney disease or urinary tract problems.
  • Your cat bats the water bowl with its paws before drinking.

7 Reasons Why Your Cat Needs a Fountain

The cat is drinking

If your cats don’t drink enough water, you can entice them to drink water by getting a drinking fountain. Many cat breeds seem to love water fountains, even the picky drinkers. Below are more reasons why you should get your cat a water fountain.

  1. 1. Cats regard standing water as unsafe

    Before cats were domesticated, their natural source of water in the wild was rivers. That is why domesticated cats still find running water safer compared to standing water in a bowl. Standing water can breed bacteria that can affect your cat’s health. Water fountains provide clean and safe water for your cats because the reservoir is not open, and there is no room for the accumulation of dirt.

  2. 2. Boosts their hydration

    Hydration is crucial for the health of your cat. Cats that use drink from traditional water bowls might not get the required amount of hydration as cats using a cat water fountain. Water fountains provide water the way cats like it, and this boosts their water intake. Drinking enough water improves the absorption of nutrients and improved digestion. Additionally, it reduces the chances of your cat getting kidney disease and urinary tract infections.

  3. The cat is thirsty

    3. They have sensitive whiskers

    The main reason why cats hate drinking from deep water bowls is that their whiskers are sensitive. They use their whiskers to feel their surroundings and they don’t like their whiskers touched. Water bowls rub their whiskers and this can lead to stress or whisker fatigue. Get a water fountain and provide safe and comfortable drinking without their whiskers being touched.

  4. 4. Fountains keep water cooler

    Keeping cat drinking water in a bowl gets warm with time especially if you place the bowl directly in sunlight. Cats don’t like warm water, and they will end up shying away from dirking from the bowl. The best thing about fountains is they keep the water cooler, and cats love it that way. Many cat water fountains can maintain a water temperature of 1-2 degrees compared to bowls, and this makes your cats drink more water.

  5. 5. Cat fountains hold more water

    For pet owners who don’t spend the whole day with their pets, getting a water fountain provides your cats with enough water throughout the day. This gives pet owners peace of mind because you don’t have to worry about refilling the water like in bowls.

    You can leave your cats at home and be sure they won’t run out of water and stay thirsty. Most water fountains have large reservoirs that need refilling in 1-3 weeks, depending on the size.

  6. 6. Better taste and is less prone to bacteria

    Water from a fountain tastes better, and it is not prone to bacteria. While you can keep changing the water in the bowl, it can be hard to prevent bacteria from growing because the water is standing. Getting a fountain is a good solution to prevent bacteria growth and ensure your cat enjoys drinking clean moving water.

  7. 7. Bowls don’t show water depth

    It is hard for cats to see the water level in a bowl. Cats have a sharper sense of hearing so the flow of running water from a fountain will catch their attention. It is cats’ nature to drink from running water and that is why they are enticed by water fountains. Cats also find water fountains fun and end up playing while drinking water.

Beautiful cat is drinking

How Do You Introduce Your Cat to A Water Fountain?

If you are considering getting a water fountain for your cat, start by choosing the right one. There are many cat water fountains made of different materials like plastic and ceramic. Ensure you get a drinking fountain with a wide drinking surface to avoid touching their whiskers.

After choosing the right fountain, follow the instructions provided on how to set it up. Cats don’t like water near their food. So, set the fountain away from their food dishes.

Don’t remove their previous water bowl because sometimes your cat can take time to get used to a new thing. This allows your cat to go back to the previous water bowl whenever they need to. Once your cat gets used to drinking from the fountain, you can now remove the old water bowl.

Final Words

A cat owner must ensure their furry friend drinks enough water. Cats are bad drinkers and lack of enough water can lead to dehydration which causes serious health issues. You can entice your cat to drink more water by getting a water fountain. Cats that drink from fountains consume more water than those that drink from bowls. I hope you now have enough reasons why a water fountain is a necessity for your cats.

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