The Healing Power of Your Cats

Two cats loving each other

Any cat owner can tell you that when life gets tough, their pet is a source of comfort. No matter what’s happening, your cat is there for you. But did you know that there are scientifically-backed reasons why your cat is great for emotional healing? Check out these ways your cat gives you much needed support:

Cats Are Great For Alleviating Stress

Multiple studies have shown that pets can alleviate stress and make you feel better. One study compared and contrasted how cat owners reacted to stressful situations versus people who don’t own cats. The scientists found that in fact, cat owners had lower blood pressure levels before and during stressful situations. Another study concluded that pets can heighten oxytocin — a neurotransmitter that improves your mood.

Cats Can Do Wonders For Your Health

Since owning a cat can lower your blood pressure levels, it can also decrease your chance of developing heart disease. If you own a cat, you most likely know all about the wonderful comforts of their purs. It’s such a unique sound that can bring you so much joy. There are scientific reasons why it’s so comforting. Research shows that cat purrs range between 25 and 140 HZ; a frequency which has been linked to healing broken bones and wounds. People who suffer from migraines have also reported feeling better when their heads are resting near their purring cats. In addition, purring sounds have been shown to decrease stress levels, improve bone strength, and reduce your chance of heart disease.

Cats Can Help You Sleep Better Kitten sleeping on gray plaid wool blanket

Poor sleep quality is a widespread issue. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of adults have reported that they usually don’t get enough sleep. A Mayo Clinic study found that 41 percent of participants had better sleep quality due to their pets. On top of that, numerous studies have concluded that some women actually sleep better along with their cats than their partners. By getting a better night’s rest, you can improve your immune system, manage your weight, boost your mood, and be more productive.

They Can Help Your Organize Your Day

When you’re going through a tough time, it can seem nearly impossible to establish a sense of control. No matter how hard you try, it may seem out of reach to wake up, get ready, and cross off things from your to-do list. Cats can help you organize your life. Having a better-structured life can alleviate the symptoms of your anxiety and depression. Though they are fairly low maintenance, there are things you have to do to make sure your cat is happy and healthy. Here are a few:

  • Clean Up After Your Cat: You should frequently change the litter box. Research which litter boxes are best suited for your cat’s needs.
  • Play With Your Cat: Though cats certainly do love their alone time and compared to dogs are more independent, they do need to be played with every now and then. You also should find cool things to accommodate its need for play like a cat tree.
  • Feed Your Cat: Whether it’s once or multiple times a day, your cat should be fed consistently.
  • Brush Your Cat: To make sure your cat is clean, you should remember to brush them every now and then.
  • Visit The Vet: Sometimes your cat will get sick. Ensuring that it’s healthy and taking all of its medications is a crucial part of being a good pet owner.
Norwegian Forest Cat

Through tending to your cat’s needs, you will get a clearer sense of what you need to do yourself to sustain your happiness. You can structure your life better and get a better handle of everything you need to do. Although cats are domestic creatures, they also provide opportunities for you to regularly get out of the house. For instance, you need to go to the store often to get them food and toys and stock up on cleaning supplies. Regularly going outside has been linked to a myriad of health benefits such as more Vitamin D, lower levels of anxiety, and self-esteem.

They Can Boost Your Self-Confidence

Yes, cats can bring you a ton of joy. But it’s also a huge responsibility that requires you to be very attentive and caring. Through taking on all these responsibilities, you can improve your sense of self-confidence. When you have confidence, you can become a better friend, partner, and co-worker. Through taking on more tasks, you gain a better sense that you are worthy and able to tackle anything that comes your way. Though cats are fantastic for your mental health, there are numerous ways to calm anxiety. With telepsychiatry, you can get help from a licensed professional from your home.

They Can Help Elevate Your Relationships Ginger cat sleeping on keyboard

Isolation can have some serious impacts on your mental health. Even though cats are largely solitary animals, they provide numerous opportunities for you to meet new people. For instance, if you post about your cat on social media, you can strike up a connection with tons of people who also have one. On top of that, when you go to the vet or pet store, you can meet other cat owners and exchange tips. The internet is filled with cat videos, cat memes, and cat social media accounts.

In addition to helping you meet new people, having a cat can also provide you with some valuable lessons that can apply to your human relationships. Here are a few:

  • Be Patient: Cats aren’t always in the best mood. But even if they sometimes get a little moody, you still care for them and meet them where they are. This can also apply to your friendships and romantic relationships.
  • Be Caring: To form a bond with your cat, you have to show that you care. Their love and trust are earned over time.
  • Be Gentle: Cats are subtle and low-key. These are qualities that you can emulate with others.

Cats are fantastic for your mental health. Though being a pet owner surely has its ups and downs, it’s good to remind yourself that cats do great things for your emotional well-being.

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