Types of Dogs – A Glance at the Top 25 Popular Dog Breeds

Dogs on a walk

There are literally hundreds of types of dogs in the world. However, most of these breeds are not very well known. Let’s talk about the most popular types of dogs:

Labrador Retriever

Cute yellow labrador

Originating from Canada, the Labrador is a solid, medium-sized dog type that has an elongated body, giving it an athletic posture. Its fur is sleek and short, and it’s generally black, mildly ranging from chocolate to beige. The paws are thick and strong. This aspect and the presence of a membrane in between the toes make the Labrador a good swimmer.

The Retriever is generally a healthy dog, with few disease weaknesses. They can be affected by stomach, eyes or ear problems, affections derived from the water they drink. He is an active dog, always looking for playtime. The Labrador is gentle and affectionate doggie. Friendly with kids, and loyal to his master, he is the ideal companion dog.

Yorkshire Terrier

Sweet Yorkshire Terrier pup

The most iconic characteristic of this dog is its long, flowing fur, colored in nuances of gold. This silky coat needs constant care. It’s one of the smallest types of dogs. It has a cute face and V-shaped pricked ears. Its prime weakness is its teeth which need periodical checking and strict hygiene. They can easily adapt to life in an apartment.

Yorkshire Terriers are active types of dogs, filled with joy and courage, they enjoy life even without having a yard. Like all terriers, he will hunt and kill rodents if given the opportunity. Thankfully, he is an intelligent dog and can be easily trained. One thing might be a little stressful: teaching him to defecate outside.

German Shepherd Dog

Aduld dog with a puppy

A dog built like an athlete. It has a harmonious body, slightly elongated, robust and with well-developed muscles. Its strong bones and muscular neck make for a powerful bite. Good thing he is a well-disciplined dog. As a dog, the shepherd is very sharp and vigilant, always ready to fight.

The German Shepherd can be trained easily, being able to devote himself to his master and to the assigned task. Although it has robust features, he is elegant and imposing. He treats strangers with indifference as long as they don’t represent a threat. Bare in mind that you need to dedicate a lot of time to care for this type of dog. So if you’re working late hours, getting a German Shepherd is not such a good idea.

Golden Retriever

Happy dog in the park

Such a friendly face. Always happy and amused by virtually anything, the golden retriever is a dog fit for any environment. However, he needs constant love, if not he will become a mischievous dog. He is always eager to please his master, making him a great dog for participating at contests.

The Golden Retriever is very affectionate with humans and other dogs. He does not have the defensive instinct found in most types of dogs. What he will do is signal the approach of a stranger. Give him the space to run and exercise and he will be a happy dog. One more thing to know about this dog, he loves to swim.


Beagle resting on a porch

The Beagle is an English breed, known since the 3rd century. The scotish poet Ossian recalls them in his songs. Maybe because these types of dogs are such lovely and friendly creatures. It has a strong, wide head, with long ears, but not longer than it’s snout. A wide chest, solid body and muscular legs indicate he is a good hunting dog.

He is used to hunt rabbits, foxes and even bears. As a house dog you should know that he is full of energy and a simple walk won’t satisfy him. The Beagle is a type of dog that is characterized by healthiness, eagerness and curiosity. This breed is known to suffer from illnesses such as heart disseases, epilepsy and eye problems.


Doggie in a snow landscape

The Boxer dog breed is known since medieval times. He gets it name from the way he boxes with his lower legs when he greets or plays. The Boxer has a short fur that needs grooming once a week. The coloring is consistent and the standard for this breed says that the white areas shouldn’t cover more than a third of the surface.

This dog type is well suited for young families. He is a strong dog, energetic and courageous. He is loyal and develops a strong bond to his master. Kind and loving, the Boxer loves kids but can change moods in an instant. He usually barks only to set an alarm, but he is a silent dog. Clean and easily trainable, it’s hard not to love him. He is a playful dog that enjoys life to it’s fullest.


Dachshund with his owner

Also known as the Teckel the Dachshund is an old German breed. The short haired Dachshund is the most widely spread dog type from this breed. It’s small, elongated and compact body makes him one of the most funniest dogs out there. All jokes aside, the Dachshund has excellent hunting skills. His body is supported by short, muscular legs.

His proud head thins out to it’s snout. He has lively eyes with an intelligent friendly glare. The ears are another key feature of this dog type. They hang out beyond his jaws and have well rounded ends. He is predisposed to health problems such as vertebral disc problems. Weight managementis very important. Other than being a little possessive at times, this dog type easily adapts to life in an apartment.


Puppy taking a nap

The Bulldog is a big, heavy dog with a short, compact body. This dog type is muscular and vigorous with short, powerful legs. He has a massive head and strong lower jaws that stick out compared to the upper jaws. The unique feature of this dog is it’s longer back legs, which create an image of force and power. The Bulldog was used in fights in the UK.

He is an excellent guard dog. He is able to protect and assist his owner in the eventuality of a confrontation. This type of dog is very intelligent, gentle, loyal to his master and overall a vigilant dog. Due to it’s strong defensive instincts the bulldog needs to be trained when young. He needs to socialize a lot in the early stages of development. They need constant attention and lots of room to consume their energy.


Poodle in a meadow

The Poodle is one of the most well known breeds. More than this he is considered to be the second most intelligent dog type in the world. He loves to play and compete. This attitude makes him an excellent dog for competitions. Their coat requires regular grooming. Poodles have a single coat which is usually named “hair”, a term reserved for humans.

These types of dogs love human interaction, and get lots of satisfaction from pleasing their master. The spotlight is where they belong, being capable to perform lots of tricks that involve brains and agility. The Poodle needs lots of attention as it is susceptible to some health issues. All in all he is an energetic dog that is easily trained.

Shih Tzu

Pupper with a bow

The Shih Tzu is a dog breed that originates from Tibet. Recent research has unraveled them to be related to some of the oldest dog breeds in the world. Shih Tzu means lion in Chinese and buddhist monks have a deep respect for them due to it’s resemblance to a lion which is considered to be a sacred animal.

This dog has a sturdy constitution with an arrogant attitude and a long thick coat. The fur and eyes need constant attention and usually require professional care. He is intelligent, active and overall a friendly dog. Shih Tzu’s loves to play with kids, especially if they are used to them in their early years.

Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer in apartment

First introduced as farm dogs, this breed has good hunting skills, being able to catch mice and other small rodents. The fur is colored in a combination of black and white, silver and black or standard black. The Miniature Schnauzer has an oblong head that ends with a distinct bushy beard.

Its contoured eyebrows stick out giving him a friendly face. He is a devoted type of dog, filled with energy and always eager to experiment with the unknown. The Schnauzer is a good guard dog and will react to a stranger with loud barks. Usually a healthy dog type however the miniature Schnauzer tends to fatten up. It is important that he eats few sugars.


Pugs on a walk

Of all types of dogs, the Pug is one of the most expressive dogs out there. Its small size, short-muzzled and wrinkled face makes him a weird-looking dog, yet cute in his own way. They have strong legs that sit well under the body. The glossy, short-haired coat can be fawn, silver or black. One of the distinct features of this type of dog is its curly tail.

Rarely aggressive, the Pug is a family dog. He loves to play with kids. They can shape their temperament to their owner’s mood, ranging from quiet to agitated and energetic. An important element that owners should be aware of, for he has his predisposition to weight problems. Other than that he is just a happy dog.


Cute puppy in a flower garden

Small and feisty, this dog rarely weighs more than 8 lb. Their coat makes them stand out as beautiful pets. The cute face only adds to their beauty. Sometimes called Pom Pom this dog type is a friendly and lively one. They are very protective and fond of their owners and can suffer from separation anxiety.

Always aware of any changes, the Pomeranian will react to your mood accordingly. Very intelligent, they can learn basic commands very fast. He is a great companion dog and its small size means he easily adapts to life in an apartment. His long coat needs close attention. Periodical grooming can prevent lots of problems.


Cute puppie with huge ears

Easily recognizable as the smallest type of dog in the world, the Chihuahua has a well-shaped body with a solid constitution, considering its size. They can be either long-haired or short-haired. The long-haired Chihuahua is a rare breed, the more common short-haired one features a neck collar with slightly scanty hair.

This dog type expresses an air of elegance. He is not loud but can get stubborn if not well-attended to. A vigilant guard dog, the Chihuahua makes an excellent apartment dog. When scared, they can get aggressive, and if they do something bad their small size makes them hard to catch. Good thing they like to be clean.


Small Rottweiler puppy

An efficient guardian, the Rottweiler loves to work hard and is intelligent. He has made a mark in the police world as well as in the army. He does well as a companion for the blind and as a rescue dog in case of a catastrophe. He has a strong, powerful appearance that denotes confidence.

As a pet dog, the Rottweiler needs lots of attention and regular exercise. He loves to swim and fetch objects. There are subtle differences between the male and the female. Females are more intelligent and more affectionate, but these attributes depend on the character of the dog rather than the sex. The Rottweiler is a loyal dog and he is recommended for anyone.

Basset Hound

Pup running on a green grass

The Basset Hound is a type of dog which originates in England. The Basset Hound is noteworthy for his ability to hunt rabbits and other small animals. The Bloodhound has contributed to enhancing the Basset Hound’s smell and in enlargening of its head and body.

The Basset Hound is a good hunting dog but is also a good house dog. The name Basset comes from its short limbs. Like many types of dogs, it’s very easy to spot since it’s appearance is unique. The long ears and round head are the breed’s main traits, together with the short legs and their crimped skin.

Basset Hounds come in 3 colors: black, white and brown. Many types of dogs come in variations of color patterns, and the Basset is no exception. Sometimes all 3 colors may be present on the same dog. This type of dog is prone to ear infections and weight problems so extra care must be taken to ensure a healthy dog.

Welsh Corgi

Pupper near the lake

The Welsh Corgi is a small type of dog. It originates in Wales and is used as a herding dog. There are 2 distinct types of Welsh Corgi: the Pembroke and the Cardigan.

The Pembroke is a more common type of dog. It features pointy ears and a smaller stature than its cousin breed. The Cardigan has been used for centuries for herding cattle. In the past, they also guarded children and were prized family members. They are distinct from the other breed through rounder ears and a foxy tail.

Welsh Corgis are herding dogs. They work differently from other types of herding dogs, instead of running around the flock they nip them at the heels and work them in semi-circles. The Welsh Corgi is one of the few types of dogs able to herd geese.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Puppy resting on a grass

The German Shorthaired Pointer is used for hunting. This type of dog has been developed in the 19th century in Germany. The dog features strong legs which enable it to move fast and make quick turns. It also has a strong and broad muzzle, which allows it to pick up even heavy hunts.

The eyes are usually brown, the tail is commonly docked. However, enough tail must be left to enable the dog to communicate through tail wagging. Like all German pointer types of dogs, the feet are webbed.

The German Shorthaired Pointer is protected by a dense undercoat with stiff hair. This makes it water-proof and also keeps the dog warm in cold weather. The color is normally a dark brown, but black and white are also possible.

Siberian Husky

Cute Siberian Husky puppies

The Siberian Husky is the smallest dog from the north, however at equal weight it is the strongest. The Siberian Husky is a working dog because of its strength.

The colors can vary wildly, from white to black, brown, red, gray and others. A variety of spots of different colors are very common. Usually, this type of dog has blue eyes, but it can also have brown eyes or even a combination of blue and brown.

The Husky has thick fur that enables it to endure temperatures as low as -60 degrees Celsius. The Husky is a pleasant type of dog, friendly and playful. It behaves very well with children.

Unlike other types of dogs, the Husky is not a guard dog, it doesn’t bark and doesn’t attack strangers. It has its own temperament but can be easily trained.


White pupper on a rock

The Maltese is a small breed. Its appearance features a rounded skull, a black nose about 2 finder-widths long, the body is generally compact and it is equal in length and height. It has long hair and very dark eyes, matching the tone of the nose, through which they get an expressive look.

One peculiar fact is the fact that the color of the nose can turn pink or light brown if it isn’t exposed to sunlight. This phenomenon is often called winter nose.

Types of dogs from the Maltese breed have a long silky coat colored white. Any other color than pure white is regarded as an imperfection.

Miniature Pinscher

Curious puppie on a walk

The Miniature Pinscher originates in Germany, and unlike many small types of dogs, it wasn’t originally so. However, interest for miniature dogs has increased in the 20th century.

Now it’s greatly appreciated in many countries, especially in Germany, England, France and the USA. The Miniature Pinscher is famous as a guard dog and family dog. This type of dog is robust and lively, yet elegant. Its long, straight head complements the round, black nose. Its eyes are dark but lively.

A dog that is intelligent, prideful but submissive. It is an active dog, but its devotion makes it very easy to train.

Great Dane

Gentle giant in the forest

The Great Dane is distinguished from other types of dogs for its giant size. Currently, it holds the world record as the tallest dog, measuring 220 cm from head to tail and 109 cm from paw to shoulder. Its appearance is one of dignity and strength. However, as a giant, as it may be it is unique from other types of dogs in that its musculature, is so well balanced it’s never clumsy.

The coat has short hair and differs in color from harlequin, black, brindle, blue and even fawn. They have triangular ears, and when they were used as hunting dogs cropping of the ears was common to reduce the chance of injury.

He is generally referred to as a gentle giant. It looks imposing and is large, yet of a very friendly nature. However they are very needy, and their loud bark makes them very hard to ignore.


Dobermann in a flower field

The Dobermann is a fast and agile type of dog. Its chest is powerful, has a narrow back and strong neck. It has short fur and the only accepted colors are black and brown, with fire spots.

The Dobermann needs a fearless owner because it is sometimes daring. It is a natural guard dog and doesn’t need training in this sense. It is a good family dog if trained at an early age. It is said that this type of dog is very aggressive but that is not true.

He is a very beautiful dog and very playful. His energy levels are pretty high and thus life in an apartment is not advised but some Dobermanns will adapt well. You will see this dog playing in the park rather than protecting his territory.

Cocker Spaniel

American Cocker Spaniel standing near lake

Cocker Spaniels were originally bred as hunting types of dogs. There are 2 breeds – English Cocker Spaniel and American Cocker Spaniel. The American Cocker has physical changes to better suit its hunting woodcock. Both breeds share similar coats and health issues.

Cocker Spaniels, as most types of dogs with long, pendulous ears he is prone to ear problems. The most common affection is Otitis externa, an inflammation of the ear canal. Other problems include eye conditions, there are several of those that can lead to blindness.

There are many types of dogs that fulfill many jobs for their owners. From hunting dogs, companion dogs, guard dogs to working dogs, pastoral dogs, sled dogs these are just the main types of dogs out there. In each of these categories, there are many more subcategories that further define different types of dogs.

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